How to win playing online football handicap with small capital

How to win playing online football handicap with small capital

Know the steps to win playing online ball handicaps with small capital that are borne effectively and have been proven, which you can get through all the contents of the articles that we have collected for this opportunity. For lovers of winning ball betting is an important direction that needs to be obtained, of course, plus in this type of handicap bet players must play based on voor-vooran on the market. Voor is more points given by 1 team before the match starts, so that the steps to win the handicap that we will give can be more efficient for you to apply, you should know and learn more about this handicap bet first.
To be able to play handicap bets with a small capital, you can get it by playing through a trusted football bookie site, where in this agent a minimum deposit of Rp. 10,000, you can enjoy the excitement of the expected online soccer betting game. In order to play handicap soccer gambling at this trusted sbobet agent, you need to register by including your personal data, for example: Account name, account number, e-mail and active telephone number, then you need to enter the list menu then fill in all the data on the form that. Before we give a description of how to win to play this handicap, let’s first learn how to play this one street soccer betting tutorial first.

Playing tutorials and steps to win playing ball handicap

The step of playing bandar bola resmi a soccer gambling handicap is not difficult, but to make it easier to play you must also know some terms in online soccer gambling as below:
  • Full Time (FT): Full set in a match
  • Half Time (HT): The first set or 1/2 set of the match
  • Odds: A number that is usually used as a measuring tool in a match
  • Home (H): Call for the home team
  • Away (A) Call for the visiting team
Not only voor in this handicap bet you have to be smart in reading the existing market odds, because the amount of winning payout is based on the size of the odds in this handicap bet.
Odds have 2 types, some have a minus symbol (-) and some don’t, where the difference is as follows:


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A. Ac Milan VS Juventus (- 1,60)

If you place a bet on Ac Milan for Rp. 100,000 and lose, the loss obtained is 1.60 X 100,000 = Rp. 160,000 if you win because of that the profit you can get is Rp. 100,000.
B. Real Madrid VS Levante (1.60)
If you place a bet on Real Madrid of Rp. 100,000 and win because the profit obtained is 1.60 X 100,000 = Rp. 160,000, but if you lose it means that the loss you get is Rp. 100,000. If you already understand what the odds are, then we will start explaining the types of voor-vooran that you need to work on in betting on this handicap ball gambling. So that you can more easily apply the winning steps to play handicaps which we will give later.
Below are the options available on handicap football betting:

1. For 0

Voor 0 in handicap bets can be called slow or maybe there is no team that gives a voor, generally this happens because the teams competing in the match are mutually favored.

2. For 0 – 0.5 (1/4)

  • Manchester United VS Liverpool
  • Manchester United gave a 1/4 voor to Liverpool, the count was:
  • Win in full if Manchester United win in the match.
  • Lose 1/2 if the result of the match is a draw or draw.
  • Full defeat if the result of the match Manchester United loses.

3. For 0.5 (1/2)

  • Inter Milan VS Napoli
  • Inter Milan gave voor 1/2 to Napoli, the calculation is:
  • Win in full if Inter Milan come out to be champions in that match.
  • If the result of the match is a loss or a draw, then it is definitely a complete loss.

4. For 0.5 – 1 (3/4)


  • Manchester City VS Stoke City
  • Manchester City gave a 3/4 voor for Stoke City, therefore the calculation is:
  • To be able to win in full, therefore Manchester City must win by 2 goals.
  • When the result of the match is 2-1, it will be guaranteed to lose 1/2.
  • If Manchester City lose, you lose completely.

5. For 1

  • Liverpool VS Everton
  • Liverpool gave voor 1 for Everton, so the calculation is:
  • It is certain to win in full, if the result of the match is Liverpool to win 2 goals.
  • When the result of the match is 2-1, you will be sure of a draw or draw.
  • If Liverpool lose that match, you are sure to lose completely.
For this handicap bet you can also play in the Mix Parlay bet type, where the calculation in this Mix Parlay bet is:
  • Win in full because the odds will be calculated in full
  • Win 1/2, odds will be calculated as 1/2.
  • Lose 1/2, the odds will be calculated as 0.5.
  • If there is a team that draws, then the odds are not counted.
  • If there is 1 team that loses, therefore all bets will be guaranteed to lose.
Those are some information on the steps to play handicap ball gambling that you need to know before starting to play, after that we will start to provide some desired play guidelines that can really make it easier for you to get big profits through this handicap betting

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