How To Betting Football Accumlator Strategies

Betting on football results is an increasingly popular way of trying to win some money, there are a lot of armchair experts out there who are only too happy to give you their tips. The trouble is that a lot of matches feature selections that are odds-on, so you come away with less money. Single bets on those selections won’t offer much of a financial incentive – unless you’re a high-roller perhaps.

How To Betting Football Accumlator Strategies

This is why accumulator bets – or acca’s – are so popular, they are a way of making bigger profits on games with short odds without having to wager too much cash.

Football Accumulators Explained

In essence, an accumulator bet is when you stack one bet on top judi online of the other in order to boost your overall odds. Technically, the bet becomes a 4 fold accumulator once the fourth selection is added and so it goes on, but up until that point it works out like this:


A regular bet on the result of a game, say on Manchester United to beat Burnley at home. Let’s imagine the stake here is £20 and the odds are 1/2, that means you will come away with £30 if United are victorious, because for every 2 you bet you get 1 back.

Win Double

You can also add Everton to beat Sunderland at 4/6 to give you two selections. This is known as a win double, and both teams have to win in order for the bet to become a winner, otherwise you lose your stake. Money won from the first bet is now applied to this one, so your stake is now £30. With odds of 4/6 that’s a £50 return, making the overall bet pay out at 6/4. At this point you are betting on two odds-on shots but by placing an accumulator the odds of a win are now odds against, i.e longer.

Win Treble

If you wanted to add a third game to this bet then it becomes a win treble. Say you add Liverpool to win at West Brom and that’s even money (1/1). Assuming your two previous selections have won, you now have a £50 stake. At 1/1 your stake would be worth £100 if all selections were successful. So the acca comes in at 4/1 when all is said and done.
As you can see those odds are climbing steadily now, and that’s why these bets are called accumulators, because the proceeds from one part of the bet go onto the next, thus accumulating more and more money if your selections are winners.
Evidently, the more teams you add to your accumulator the higher the odds of success will become. That means these bets can be really good value, especially if one or more of your selections aren’t odds-on shots. Say you stake £20 on a team priced up at 6-4 and the other at 2-1. If both teams win then your £20 becomes £150, with combined odds of 13-2. Add on another team at evens and you’ll get £300 back – that’s combined odds of 14-1.
Pretty tasty, but you do need those three teams to win. What you have to remember is that odds reflect the probability of your bet being successful. Those odds of 14-1 on just three teams winning look great, but the higher odds mean that the more games you try to correctly predict, especially when the individual odds aren’t odds-on, the less probability there is of your bet being a winner.
When you place a bet the bookies will have a profit margin worked in, and for every extra selection you add, you are dealing successive profit margins too, and the bookmaker knows that the more selections a punter makes the more chance that they’ll be on a loser. It’s not always that way of course but the odds do favour the bookie. So don’t get sucked into a bet without thinking it through.
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