List of online casino bonuses that must be maximally used!

Getting an online casino bonus is quite fun. The reason is, bonuses or prizes are the most anticipated and wanted by the bettor or player. By getting this prize, the benefits and benefits will be very large and high.

However, not all bettors understand what types of prizes are offered by trusted sites or agents. So, it’s important to pay attention to it as an effort to get big profits. In short, be sure to understand what types of prizes will be obtained through online gambling sites.

Types of Bonuses That Will Be Received from Trusted Casino Sites or Agents

There are several types of prizes sbobet casino that bettors can get quite easily and in various ways through selected or selected gambling sites. Basically, bettors are trying to get these benefits because the benefits provided by these sites are like getting quite a lot of rupiah.

  • New Member Bonus

The first bonus on a trusted site is a new member. This type is the type most often offered by the most existing online gambling sites in Indonesia. If you are a new member or member of the site selected or selected, then the opportunity to get this benefit is very big.

  •   Roll Bonus

Next online gambling players will get is roll. This type of bonus is earned on a weekly basis. So, there is no maximum limit on who will get this prize. This type is the best type you can use to play gambling.

  • Cashback Bonus

Another bonus that you will get is cashback. This prize is a type of prize that is often found on online gaming sites. By taking advantage of cashback, bettors can have the opportunity to play longer with a low deposit. So, this breed often attracts attention.

  • Referral Bonus

The last bonus that online gambling players will get is referrals. This type of prize is often sought after by online gambling players. The reason is, every player can make this prize for free. In fact, you don’t even need a fee to create a referral gift.

How to Increase the Chances of Getting a Bonus or Prize

If you want to get a prize at casino games, then make sure to pay attention to a few things, such as choosing a trusted site. This is because trusted gambling sites will give you various types of attractive and profitable prizes.

After finding a trusted gambling site, then make sure you register as a member or a member on the site. This is because, when you register to become a member or member, the benefits you will get are more and more and the prizes also vary.

This is the opposite when you do not register as a member on the selected gambling site. After registering to become a member, the next step is to follow some of the rules imposed by the site. If you do the rules well, your chances of getting a prize will be great.

On the other hand, when you commit a violation in playing gambling on the site, the chances of getting a prize will be small. So, make sure to always understand every rule that is treated by the online gambling site you choose. By doing so, your chances of getting a prize will be great.

Bonuses are one of the things in playing online gambling that will provide benefits for every player. By playing online gambling, players will benefit in abundance. So, you can take advantage of online casino bonuses to make a profit.

Playing Sicbo Game Online Casino, These Are Tactics to Win!

Interested in playing sicbo online casino? Sicbo is the casino game most loved by the public because it is easy for beginners to understand. In addition, this gambling also offers a large selection of bets ranging from large to small, odd to even, guess the result, bet 2 numbers and much more.

Sicbo gambling is played using three dice. The dealer will shake the three dice using a closed container. Next, the bettor will be asked to guess the number that the dice will raise according to the type of bet. Here, players can guess according to their respective feelings.

In the Sicbo game situs slot microgaming, at one table there will be several bettors at once. Even so, players will not be pitted against each other. So, in order to have a greater chance of winning, here we have compiled playing tactics that can be used as a reference.

Starting Games at a Small Table

Actually, sicbo is an easy casino game to play. It’s just that to win the game is not easy because the bettor must be able to guess correctly based on the type of bet chosen. Therefore, you should play at a small table first.

Playing at a small table will help the bettor practice his playing skills. Later, the experience you have can be used as a reference to strengthen your instincts in betting at the big table. In this gambling, flying hours and experience are very influential on winning.

Apart from going through small tables, bettors can also add to their playing experience and flying hours through the free play or free bet features provided by online casino sites. Here, the bettor can play without the need to spend any capital.

Place Big Small Bets

As mentioned above, the types of sicbo bets are very diverse with different guessing ways. In addition, the odds of winning on each bet are not the same. Therefore, novice players should not be careless in determining the type of bet.

One of the most profitable sicbo bets is the big and small type. Here, players only need to guess whether the value of the die that appears will be small (4-10) or big (11-17). If the dice are worth 3 and 18, then the winner is the dealer.

Meanwhile, the type of bet that beginners need to avoid are triplets. The winning value of this type is quite large, which is 150 times the bet value. Even though it is very profitable, the chance of winning this bet is smaller because it rarely appears.

Set Limits to Play Sicbo Online Casino

In online casinos, every bettor needs to set a game limit, both tolerable losing and winning limits. With this, later players will be more focused, controlled and do not experience big losses due to being too focused on chasing big wins.

After setting the limit, the bettor must stop when the defeat reaches the limit or vice versa. It could be that at that time you simply didn’t have any luck. It cannot be denied that apart from skill, luck has an influence in online gambling.

In addition to setting playing limits,   sicbo players can also change game tables if they feel that the previous table has bad luck. Switching tables can also be done to get a bigger or smaller table depending on the needs of the bettor.

The bettor can also double the bet to get a large profit. This can be done when in the previous few rounds you have continued to win bets. In addition, also understand the history boards on each table so you can guess the dice correctly when playing sicbo online casino.

Tips for Choosing the Best, Official and Reliable Online Gambling Bookies

Every player who wants to bet online must first find an online bookie. The number of porters on the internet is sometimes very troublesome because not all of them can be trusted. Quite a few capital owners are not responsible for providing online gambling services for fraud.

Players are strictly prohibited from choosing where to play, namely online websites arbitrarily without any consideration. The wrong choice will actually make you enter into online gambling scams until you run out of capital. Because there is no chance of winning at all from online gambling bets, it is very unlikely that you will return capital.

Even though finding the truly official, best and trusted bookie is not easy. In fact, it takes longer, it is better to take the time first to be observant in choosing situs judi og plus. Find out what are the reasons why it should be like that and the easy tips to help you below.

Reasons for the Importance of Finding the Official, Best and Most Trusted Bookie

Many players still don’t realize that finding a dealer has to be really safe to use. This will involve many things because playing online is generally the same as at a live casino. In addition, there are many other reasons that you should know so that you are no longer careless.

  1. Get guaranteed safety

Security guarantees are an important reason for players to choose the best and most trusted online bookies. The security in question is from online fraud and from hackers eyeing the balance in the bookie account. With this guarantee of security, you can play comfortably, keeping your balance is also sure to be calm.

  1. Various features and supporting facilities

The second reason is the importance of supporting features and facilities that must be owned to help players. Since the game is played online, it includes various transactions, the features and facilities will help. If the website does not have complete features and facilities, it will be very troublesome for you later.

Use Tips to Help Choose the Official, Best and Most Reliable Bookie

Beginner players often have difficulty choosing online bookies as a place to play. The bonus offer at the beginning often makes them tempted so they don’t pay attention to other things. Therefore, using the tips below is guaranteed to help choose an official and safe gambling website.

  1. Find the official license

The first most important thing is to find an official license that is owned by an online gambling website. All capital owners can indeed create websites that provide gambling games for public use. However, only the truly official and professional games provide will have an official license as reliable evidence.

  1. Check the number of active members

Check how many members you have and make sure that you really are an active member. The more active members belonging to an online dealer, it can be ascertained that they are trusted by many players. There is no way a player will want to register as a member and survive if there are no profitable things to get.

  1. Try customer service

Did you know that official and trusted dealers always prioritize customer service for their members. Make sure that the CS service is open 24 hours and is served by a truly professional admin. You can try the CS service by using the live chat feature to see how the response is, the speed of reply and the information.

Players are advised to find gambling websites that are truly official, trusted and the best, of course there is a reason. With these various reasons, at least it becomes a picture of the advantages and disadvantages of choosing arbitrarily. So use a few tips to help you find the best, official and trusted online bookies.

How to Play Roulette to Keep Winning

How to Play Roulette to Keep Winning

How to Play Roulette Keep Winning – Online roulette is one of the styles of play in online casino games that are currently loved by many people and are most favored by most bettors in the world. This game is only available at online casinos. In Indonesia, no one has dared to open a place to play online casinos in Indonesia that has turned into a lifestyle. As time goes by and in the age of technology, many online casino gambling agents are preparing online casino gambling games and other games such as Baccarat, Sicbo, Dragon Tiger and there are many styles of online casino games.
Now I can announce you the correct and correct way to play online roulette. We can stream the betting mode tactics to play online casino in order to win simply. In fact, it is not difficult to play online roulette playing techniques. Because to play it what is important for you to do is guess where the ball can stop on the spinning plate and can be stopped at one of the numbers that is important to you.

A tactic for playing the roulette game

1. Prepare enough capital to play

In order to be able to play judi online indonesia and place online casino bets, of course you must have equity or chips. Therefore, it is also necessary to think about the important capital you present with small or large capital. In online casino games it can be believed that there is 1 column that is recorded 12 first, 12 to 2, and the third 12 where each column is recorded as 12. Even if your guess is correct then you can get 2: 1 income.

2. Get the goal winnings

Tips after that play with the winning goal. When it comes to the winning goal, we recommend that we withdraw it because we don’t know how it will be after that. Therefore if you step back, you are safe from defeat. This is the last online casino model where you have to guess 5 different numbers if the stop ball spins and stops at one of the numbers you put, because it is acceptable 1

3. Read the moment the game started

The following advice below is for those of you who want to bet, it’s good to observe the event board first. Let it be even simpler to guess or calculate what numbers can be. In this game there are also big and small bets where you have to guess which ball comes out big or small, such as small numbers (1-18) and big numbers (19 to 37) & the payout is 1.

4. Place small bets first

Indonesian Roulette Game For those who want to play, try betting small enough first to see your luck at trustworthy online casino games. If you think you have high hockey, try to increase your stakes. In addition, there are red and black online casino styles, and this online casino style is the simplest among the others, because it is simple for many online casino bookies to decide to place this alternative.

5. Find a good table

The last step you should do is to find a good table and don’t be fooled by 1 table. In this sense, download the sv388 application if the table loses 3x in a row. So it is better to find a new table because you are not lucky at that table. This live mode is one of the online casino models where you crave hockey too much because you need to think of the number 1 the right way. For example: Even if you want to guess 9, you need to bet in 9 in case you are attacked, you pay 36: 1.
Complete formula in cheap deposit roulette game

Complete formula in cheap deposit roulette game

In playing roulette, there are several ways that not everyone recognizes the tricks. This includes the roulette math formula. It is realized, roulette is currently one of the most favored gambling games. This is because roulette is a game that is easily understood by all groups. And parents can still understand and play roulette.

Complete Roulette Math Formulas 2020

Even though it is an easy game, the roulette math formula should still be understood. Why so ? Because in every gambling game, there is still a calculation and calculation of the chance of winning or losing. So by understanding the playing formula, we can know our chances of winning or losing.
In this opportunity article, we will review the mathematical formula of roulette that is widely used and can be proven efficient in helping some players to win. One of the available formulas you can also use in the game of dominoes qiu qiu. If you do not understand and find difficulty in learning, you can read references from other sources that are easier to understand. Read well as well as in depth and practice in your game.

The Martingale Roulette Trick

The first roulette math formula using the martingale cara daftar casino online. This tactic uses the probability technique. Simply put, when you lose, you have to double your stake after that. The aim is to cover up the defeat and gain victory and profit. The steps to play are as follows:
Start looking for tables with small bet values ​​as well as high optimal bets. Starting the game with a small bet is important so that you can increase the value of the bet as much as possible.
Place small nominal bets on red or black, even or odd, and 1-18 or 19-36 variables.
If you seem to win, still bet with the same small capital and try to keep your victory.
But if you seem to lose, double your bet on the game after that 2x.
If after doubling you win, go back to betting with a small nominal. Keep repeating this until your nominal winning goal is achieved.

Ambert Roulette Trik

After that, the roulette math formula is the Roulette D’ambert method. This tactic is safe to implement for those of you who choose a smaller effect in play. Use bets on black or red, odd or even, and 1-18 or 19-36. Install with a small nominal like the initial method.
It is simple to increase the value of the bet after that but not to double it. For example, you place 100 thousand and lose, place 110 thousand in the round after that. If you lose again, place it at 120 thousand. If you win, place another bet at 110 thousand. If you seem to win again, return to the previous bet number, which is 100 thousand.
Therefore, the calculation of the wins obtained is: 100 thousand – 110 thousand +120 thousand + 110 thousand = 20 thousand. With this tactic the effect you are betting on is getting smaller and the winnings you get are getting smaller.

Fibonacci Roulette Tricks

This tactic is a roulette math formula that takes advantage of the Fibonacci sequence of numbers. This tactic is unknown to some players because it requires specific calculations. In essence, the numbers in this series are the sum of the original 2 numbers. Here’s an example of the number series: 1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21,34,55,89,144, and so on.
In the case of Fibonacci, if you lose, you will place the bet after it is based on the same position as the Fibonacci number series scheme. Conversely, if you win, then the nominal bet after that is at the first two Fibonacci numbers. Here’s an example:
  • Place a red bet, 100 thousand – lose
  • Place a red bet, 100 thousand – lose
  • Place a red bet, 200 thousand – lose
  • Place a red bet, 300 thousand – lose
  • Place a red bet, 500 thousand – win
  • Place a red bet, 200 thousand – lose
  • Place a red bet, 300 thousand – win
  • Place a red bet, 100 thousand – win
  • Place a red bet, 100 thousand – win
Therefore, the overall wins you get with this tactic: 110 rb – 100 rb – 200 rb – 300 rb + 500 rb – 200 rb + 300 rb + 100 thousand + 100 rb = + 100 rb.

James Bond tricks

After that, the roulette math formula uses James Bond tactics. This tactic was inspired by the James Bond film in the scene in the film. This tactic is considered efficient and the nominal amount that can be obtained on a single spin can be enormous. For example, let’s say you have a capital of 200 thousand, so make the following tactics:
  • Use it on high numbers (19-36) some 140 thousand.
  • Use on numbers 13-18 some 50 thousand.
  • Use it on the number 0 some 10 thousand.
The chances are as follows. If you lose because the numbers are between 1-12, it means you have just lost 200 thousand. Continue the game with martingale tactics. But, if apparently the numbers come out in the numbers 19-36, it means you won 80 thousand.
If the numbers 13-18 are there, it means winning 100 thousand. Meanwhile, if the roulette needle falls to the number 0, you successfully win 160 thousand. Pretty awesome this tactic huh? There is nothing wrong if this formula is only used by a few players who have the skills and accurate calculations.

The knot

Those are some of the roulette math formulas that you can use in playing. You can use the 4 formulas above to get wins and profits. Choose a formula that fits perfectly with your playing style. Remember, keep your emotions in check and still be alert and pay attention to the path and history of your game. Hopefully you will still benefit from the information, thank you.
Understanding & Rules in the Game of Baccarat You Must Know

Understanding & Rules in the Game of Baccarat You Must Know

Do you agree that everyone wants to get money in an instant? Even though it is often said that money doesn’t just arrive just like that, winning phenomenal amounts of Baccarat is something that can and can happen. For those of you who don’t yet understand the steps to playing baccarat both online and off line, it is really fitting to know the tutorial for beginners.

What is Baccarat?

Baccarat is a type of casino game that uses playing cards. This baccarat game already exists in online gambling schemes which can be found on online gambling sites on the internet. In this game, there are 2 boxes containing the Player and Banker options. In each of these boxes, a card will be placed which will allow the player to guess which box the highest value will be in which box. If the player guesses correctly between the 2 choices, then the player wins and of course gets income. Not only that, you can also see various guides about slot games on the plugslot’s official website which provides a variety of updated information.

The General Meaning of Steps to Play Baccarat

Playing baccarat online or off line will get a meaning that is often used in playing daftar judi online and on the baccarat table, namely:
  • Dealer: people who work handing out cards.
  • Deck: 52 pieces of playing card. In playing baccarat, 1 set of games uses 8 shuffled decks of cards.
  • Chips: alternative currency to bet on. The chip value usually costs the same as the local currency.
  • Player: a bet that guesses the value of the Player’s card is greater than the Banker’s card.
  • Banker: a bet that guesses the value of the Banker card is greater than the Player’s card.
  • Tie: a bet that guesses the draw between the Player and Banker cards.
  • Player Pair: guesses that the first two cards of the Player card are a pair of cards.
  • Banker Pair: guesses the first two cards of the Banker card are a pair of cards.
  • Fortune Six: betting on the value of the card on the Banker worth 6.

Rules & Steps for Playing Baccarat

In this baccarat game, 2 cards will be given to each player & banker box. In his calculation, the one with the highest card value is the winner. The steps to calculate the value of a baccarat card are:
  • The highest total card value is 9.
  • Cards with the number 10 are counted as worth 0.
  • Cards with the symbols K, Q, J are priced at 0.
  • The US card has a value of 1.
Cards that have added up have a plus value of 9, therefore, must be deducted by 10 points.
In the game baccarat uses 2 cards usually, but there are conditions that the player & banker can get a 3 card, if:
  • Player: If 2 player cards are 0–5, therefore the card must be more than 1 card.
  • Banker: If 2 banker cards are 0–2, therefore the card must increase by 1 card. If the 2 banker cards are 3–6, the banker can decide to upgrade the card or not. It depends on the number of points the player gets.
That’s the beginning that novice players need to understand and recognize. It’s not easy to win right away, but that doesn’t mean you can’t. We are from a trusted website agent want to offer you to enter with us to play baccarat.
Winning Calculation In Sic Bo Dice Game

Winning Calculation In Sic Bo Dice Game

Casino Gambling is a game of dice in a casino or commonly referred to as SicBo, a game that is easy and can be played by everyone. Easy to understand and no need to play skills. Most casino games provide Sicbo games because this game is widely liked. The following is a tutorial on the Casino Sicbo Gambling game that is important for you to understand.

Betting Options Available In Sic Bo Dice Games

In the SicBo game, there are several types of bets that are really easy and pay 1: 1, one of which is:

Small stakes

This bet is won by the player who places the bet in the small column if the total points on the 3 dice are worth 4-10.

Big bet

The bet to be won by the bakarat online player who places the bet in the big column, if all 3 pieces are worth 11-17.
In the game, you have to guess the total of 3 daru that will be rotated. Each winning dice will be paid according to the multiplication that is in the Sicbo game, the harder the combination of numbers that will come out then make the payout increase.

Triple Detil

To win in this placement, the entire 3 dice must roll the same number as well as the triple pair, for example 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 triple.

Any Triple

If you win 3 dice it gives the same 3 numbers, it can be any number of dice as long as the 3 dice come out coincide.

Multiple Details

If one of the dice is smacked or stands not parallel to the other dice, it can be labeled a cooked dice which means the dice will be shuffled once more and the original bet will stand on the most recent shake.
Sicbo Dice Winning Payment Calculation
  • 4 will be paid 50: 1
  • 5 will be paid 18: 1
  • 6 will be paid 14: 1
  • 7 will be paid 12: 1
  • 8 will be paid 8: 1
  • 9 will be paid 6: 1
  • 10 will be paid 6: 1
  • 11 will be paid 6: 1
  • 12 will be paid 6: 1
  • 13 will be paid 6: 1
  • 14 will be paid 12: 1
  • 15 will be paid 14: 1
  • 16 will be paid 18: 1
  • 17 will be paid 50: 1
The step in order to get profit in Sicbo is actually really easy to try by some casino gambling enthusiasts on the Online Casino Betting Game website. You must have tactics in regular financial control. The elements of lust and emotion also have an influence on your game. Good luck and hopefully luck.
A Complete Guide To Playing BlackJack Easily

A Complete Guide To Playing BlackJack Easily

You may have heard the question, “What are the chances for us to conquer the casino scheme?”. Yes, of course you can and the formula is in the Blackjack game. The odds seem easy because all you have to do is get a score as close as possible to 21, but it’s a little tricky when you cross that number, you’re seriously in trouble. This scheme was called in the early 1960’s. It was another time and from then on, terms and times have changed. A large number of tables currently use more than the single deck or may not use the total number of the deck until the bandar casino online terpercaya player cannot beat the dealer.
Since its inception, only a few serious players have learned and can persistently conquer the scheme. Without a doubt, Blackjack is the most popular game of all table games. This is not about science and knowledge, but something that not all humans have is the resistance to focus, persistence and the willingness to always be on the card counting scheme. You have to give yourself confidence to learn simple tactics and I’ll cover them all from the start.
There may be 1 or more than 1 deck of 52 cards (each deck is divided into 52 cards). Each card has a different value.
  • Cards with numbers 2 to 10 have a face value.
  • Ace can have 2 values. It can be 1 or 11 and use it to get a score close to the number 21.
  • Queens, Kings and Jacks cards each have a value of 10.
  • Blackjack’s motto is really simple which is to approach 21 and nothing more. If you pass 21 then you are sure to lose.
This game is played around a table accompanied by 7 players in it. The Blackjack table is usually a bow. A registered board is placed at one end of the table to show the maximum and minimum bet amounts. For example on the board it says “US $ 20 – US $ 1,000”, it means that the minimum bet is US $ 20 and the optimal bet is US $ 1,000. If the dealer explains that the pair of values ​​can be split according to the conditions explained, therefore the player has the opportunity to double the bet.
A large number of tables use more than a single deck and it’s nice to use a set of 2, 4, 6, or 8 decks. They will be shuffled and kept by the dealer in a special place called the “shoe” where the dealer generally draws a card.
The game begins when you place the chip in the gambling house and betting place. You are not allowed to touch the card. When they play with the dealer in a single or double deck game, they will see one of the dealer’s cards and both cards face down.
At this point the show starts and the dealer plays according to several sets of conditions. He will try to take “17”. The dealer continues to draw cards totaling 16 or less and will “STAND” if he reaches 17 or more.

Terminologi Blackjack


This means that you will draw a card with the desire to get 21 if you pass that number so you will lose and are guaranteed “BUSTED”. When you select “HIT” therefore you can do it by pointing at the card or perhaps by shaking the card. If one of the cards is face down, the player can scratch the card on the table. You cannot “HIT” verbally due to security concerns, you have to remember that your every move is being recorded by the casino’s CCTV and of course you don’t want to cause any trouble.


You can share your first 2 cards if you are the same. By doing this, you can make the same bet between the two of them with the first bet concept. Please take an example, you get the first 2 cards with the number “7” when you distribute the cards. The dealer will deal the first two “7s” and will place 2 cards on the first seven. Then you can play from the prize and select “STAND” or “BUST” and the dealer will overcome to break one of the 2 “7”.

Double Down

You can multiply the important bets you place by getting only 1 card apart from whatever it is. Each casino has different conditions. Some of them will let you “Double Down” if you have a total of “10 or 11” on your first 2 cards, traces of them will allow you to do anything on both cards.


You can cover “insurance” if the dealer has an ace card. This is because the dealer has a score of 10 and is competing for Blackjack. If “Insurance” is taken then it is valid within 1/2 of the original stake. This is an advantage for the player if you have lost your hand and come out as the winner in the “Insurance” bet, the score could be 0 but in this case, there is a high chance for you to finish balanced or maybe not to win.

Variations In BlackJack

All the terms of the game of Blackjack are not the same. There are many types that can take the form of things that give the player an advantage or a loss. Minor variations in terms can create huge inequalities in the game which can also shift the house edge.
Double Downs
It is known by means of the possibility that the dealer profit will fall by 13% after the split from “Double Down”.

Aces Resplitting Allowed

In most casinos, if the player splits his ace, he will receive only 1 card per Ace. And in some casinos, they allow multiple pair cards to be split. By doing this, the house edge has dropped to the 0.3% point. It is absolutely impossible to find a game where the player will draw more than 1 card after splitting from the Ace, this will reduce the player’s edge by 0.14%.

Early Surrender

If the face value of the dealer’s card is Ace, the dealer will check the bottom value of the card so 10. If so, the dealer will end the Blackjack game before playing. Early Surrender will be called by the dealer if the dealer allows the player to bet 50% of the original bet, not play the hand for the dealer and select “STAND” in Blackjack. The house edge cut by doing this will drop to 0.624%. If fundamental tactics haven’t mastered this, because it will easily cause losses for beginners.
Thus my article entitled Steps to Play Blackjack and Complete Tutorials, hopefully this article can provide you with deeper knowledge about the game of Blackjack. It turns out you don’t need to be a “card counter” to win Blackjack, you need a little tutorial to beat that scheme. For those who want to try this game, you can immediately try it on the complete lottery bookie website, because only that website provides the most online gambling games. Have a try.
Trusted online roulette 77 gambling play for free

Trusted online roulette 77 gambling: play for free

You can feel the benefits and convenience of playing online roulette from home for free. With a wide selection of platforms that you can choose according to your wishes. We recommend beginners who have never played roulette before to play with play money first.

Some of the advantages of using play money

There are several advantages that can be obtained from playing online roulette:

You play with play money instead of real money, but you will get the same benefits by playing cara daftar sbobet casino in the casino. You can also get other things on the actual platform at casino roulette.
For beginners, don’t go straight to the casino but you have to learn how it works first and know really about the game. You can take the experience of playing on the free version so that you will be ready for the real game.
You will feel the pleasure when you see the ball land on the number you choose. If you want to experience the challenges of playing roulette but don’t have real money, this is a great opportunity to enjoy the game without any pressure.
You can try the application of how to learn roulette on our site. Here you will find a simulator demo for role playing

How to Play Roulette for Free

You can visit our casino site and choose the variety of roulette you want. You can choose European or American roulette. Both have the same rules. The difference is that European roulette has 36 numbers and one 0. Your odds will be poor as the overall house edge is 2.7%. American roulette has 36 numbers and two zeros, so it is often referred to as the double zero wheel. Your odds of being very poor are due to the overall house edge of 5.25%.
We recommend that you try both versions so that you can try the fun of the game of roulette. That way, you’ll be able to see which one you prefer and play for real money on any of the online roulette platforms. You can register on the platform with the best agents and with a variety of attractive bonuses.
When you download the application and select the desired version of the game, you can start playing with the given balance. Then you choose the numbers and columns and the amount of money that you will play with. You just give a guess which ball will fall into which number column. The possible winnings are also awarded in play money. Once you have enough experience in playing, you can use real money.
Advantages of Playing Casino Roulette

Advantages of Playing Casino Roulette

Many professional bettors recommend roulette gambling games. The game of roulette is a game that is popular in casinos. All online bettors must understand which areas are frequently visited and of course agree to play casinos. Both online and offline casinos are all areas with the most visitors.
Well, surely there are still those who are curious about why there are so many suggestions for playing roulette online. There must be a clear and certainly reason related to the advantages of playing roulette at a casino like what. So that is the reason more and more visitors are playing roulette online at online casinos too. Well, if you wish to know the advantages of playing roulette, this is the reason for the advantages.
The advantage of playing casino roulette is definitely finding this game anywhere. If you find an online or offline casino area, you will definitely find roulette games. So, the advantage is that it’s easier to get the game of roulette so that online bettors don’t even bother accessing many online pages to find the most recommended games for professional and experienced online bettors.

Advantages of Playing Casino Roulette

The second advantage is more tips and tricks for playing agen casino terpercaya. Well, online bettor definitely prefers games that can use any winning tips and tricks so they are not limited to tricks. Well, tips and tricks for winning online roulette can be from anywhere. Because once again, the game of roulette is a game that is easy to find, so there are many ways to win.
The third profit is the bet on the cheapest online roulette table. Well, usually online gambling game tables have minimum betting rules. For a minimum bet, playing roulette is guaranteed to be the cheapest. Online bettors can maximize the mediocre budget for playing roulette because at least starting bets on online and offline roulette are very cheap.
The fourth profit, namely the luck of winning playing roulette is quite high and interesting to try. the luck of a game is fairly easy, it will definitely sell quickly and be liked by online bettors. Well, because there are already many online bettors that indicate the level of ease of winning, the game of roulette is increasingly popular at this online casino. Well, that’s the advantage of playing online roulette gambling.
Low Risk Roulette strategy

Low Risk Roulette strategy

Roulette is admittedly a very interesting Casino game and can be a person to become rich when already knowing the playing strategy to win Roulette.
The following article that Borak Ola will provide is a guide to Winning Roulette the Easy Way. Below is a great Strategy for beginners and members of Permainan Taruhan Casino Online who have been successful by testing this Strategy with us.

Easy Ways to Win Roulette

Before playing, always look for Roulette that has somewhat free rules like European Roulette and also always pay attention to minimum and maximum bets to place bets on one of the tables. 
Here, we mean to train yourself to play at judi rolet uang asli Live Casino without having to use play credits or get FREE CREDIT to train your ability to be more accurate when playing with real money.

Strategi Roulette Martingale.

This unique strategy has been used since the 18th century by thousands of players who have managed to beat the roulette wheel. With this strategy, the player must double his stake after each loss until he reaches a win which will recover all previous losses plus a profit equal to the original bet.

Bet with 24 numbers

You can select 24 digit numbers by dividing the 8 numbers in front, middle, or back by the same amount of capital in each of the numbers. If you lose, you are required to follow it up to five times. According to Los Angeles Times Research editor Andrés Martinez this pattern is 70% successful because if you do lose 5x and win 6x then your capital will return. If you lose up to 7x then you are really unlucky, so stop playing and start again next time.

50% and 75% strategies

To play roulette online, you also need to know if the roulette table is divided into three campuses 1-34, 2-35 and 3-36. The latter has eight red slots and four black ones. The strategy is to pair one chip in red or black and two chips in the first row (1-34) and two chips in the second row (2-35). That’s how it works, your winning percentage will increase to 125% or either don’t win or lose. (HOW TO PLAY DRAGON TIGER GAMING ONLINE)

Important tips while playing Casino Roulette

Check the table history that you want to play. If you are sure about the table, please continue the game. Concentration is your main weapon to Win Roulette. 
Always remember to play European Roulette and do not play in American Roulette, because the visible 00 number often traps the player so that he will suffer many defeats. (Important Tips And Info While Playing Casino Slots)
How to Place Roulette Game Bets to Win Easily at SBOBET Casino

How to Place Roulette Game Bets to Win Easily at SBOBET Casino

Systematically, of course, playing betting like roulette has almost the same characteristics as other SBOBET games such as dice, although from the media and also the rules used clearly have far differences. This equation is clear in terms of reading the odds and also how to install it that is not much different, where in roulette there are many bet options to choose from and can be adjusted according to the predictions made by the bettor. Remembering that in playing this game the bettor only needs to guess where the ball will fall in a certain place indicated by a number.
As for the betting method, it is the same as other types of betting games at online casinos, even with the type of card betting game it is not much different. Where the main differentiator is the media and the type of play, if in black jack, baccarat and dragon tiger are cards, then in this type of roulette there is a spinning wheel and also a small ball. It is from this part that the bettor can distinguish that in terms of the media used, it is clearly different, but when placing a bet the bettor only needs to choose a few bet options provided.
There are many types of choices in roulette such as low numbers, high numbers, dozen rows and there are even odd-even options like bet on Sic bo. With this choice, the next step of the bettor is to determine a result that is commensurate with the analysis that has been carried out. This is very important for the bettor to do, because with accuracy in playing cara bermain roulette, the bettor can make various efforts to produce a very large potential win. What’s more, the bettor can add another game schematic so that the chance of victory can be penetrated.

Predict in advance

Most of the novice bettors always make a fatal mistake in starting to look for their fortune. The reason is that placing bets always does not take into account other aspects such as the amount of the existing bet, even more than that, sometimes every bettor is just as long as placing a bet on this type of roulette game. This situation is of course very detrimental, even the chances of winning are fairly slim if the bettor always ignores the basic principles of playing online betting. Where in choosing and making decisions must make an accurate predictive step.
The prediction process is certainly different from other types of betting games where each bettor can do analysis outside the game. In playing roulette and also sic bo the bettor is required to see the possibility that the bet placed can break. It is from this situation that the bettor must also be able to make the appropriate choice, considering that by choosing the right bet and the Wahana888 gambling site, the bettor is able to win a fairly large win. Especially when the bettor has a picture of the opportunities that will be created from every chance to play, of course it can minimize a defeat.

Place on an Opportunity with Great Opportunities

When the bettor plays roulette, of course, the most difficult thing to do first is to choose the type of bet that can give you a win. In principle, this can be broken by carrying out a series of basic calculations that are relatively simple and can be done by every bettor when playing. If the bettor is able to make accuracy in calculating odds, then it is likely that the bettor can break through the win in just one shot. In this case, each bettor can find much bigger possibilities than before, both in terms of odds and also the chance to get additional wins.
From the many chances of winning that are much greater than other types of betting, it can be concluded that playing roulette has almost the same tendency to place the same as sic bo. Wahana888 will be much easier to do and also in a short time.
Tips and Tricks to Win Playing Roulette 2020

Tips and Tricks to Win Playing Roulette 2020

Tips and Tricks to Win Playing Roulette 2020 – Roulette still dominates online casino gaming anywhere in the world. Apart from being a fun game, this game presents a big challenge in playing it. You will bet on an opponent who is more level than you. And they of course have unexpected strategies to beat you in the game
Seeing this, we as one of the Trusted Online Gambling Sites will provide several ways to win the best roulette you can make reliable techniques in beating your opponents in the game. Because using these tips will make it easier for you to analyze. Predict the number of bets as well as the winnings that you will take home after you win.

Tips and Tricks to Win Playing Roulette 2020

Here are some ways to win roulette that you can apply to the game, as this is the best way for experienced players. The following is a review of the tips:
The first way is to find and join the best roulette sites. By playing casino deposit pulsa, you will be facilitated during registration and will be spoiled with satisfying service. These two things have become the determining factors for winning in the game of roulette.
Playing with high concentration in the game of roulette can make you win Playing Roulette. Before playing, you must pay attention to all the history of the tables that you will choose to play with. If you believe the table is one of the best tables to get you into an easy game, go in and put your money in the bet.
Find the roulette site that has the smallest table bet value in the game. First find your best game after you progress so you can play with bigger stakes than before.

Tips and Tricks for Playing Roulette

Tips for winning the next roulette are to play outside types such as Black White, Even / Odd, Over / Under, Column / Line Bets. This type of outside bet is a type of bet that is easy to win compared to other types of bets such as guessing the total number of roulet numbers which total 37 numbers.
Before you decide to bet on the table, you should pay attention to the previous round of play. By carefully analyzing the previous game, you will easily find the prediction of the next output you are playing.
Have a backup plan in the game. The reserve in question is the capital that you will use to play. If you previously brought IDR 50,000 in capital and won IDR 200,000, then withdraw the winning funds and return to the game with the same capital at the start of IDR 50,000.

Tricks to Win Playing Roulette 2020

The next roulette winning tip is to play at the European Roulette table, away from the American Roulette table, because the American roulette table does have a big risk in your capital and your winning percentage. Because in the game sometimes there are traps and many players lose big capital with them.
Roulette Winning Tips – The last tip to become one of the professional roulette players then you should be able to read a lot of information on Tips to Win Playing Roulette Gambling from the site of your choice. All site reviews will definitely help you become a great player and also give you a lot of knowledge to win in the game of roulette.
Those are some easy roulette winning tips that we can tell you. Don’t forget to wisely manage your capital and find the best way to win the game of Roulette together with your favorite Casino Agent.
The Right Step To Win In Playing Online Baccarat Game

The Right Step To Win In Playing Online Baccarat Game

In an era of increasingly sophisticated technology like today. all you can only with your achievements. Not an exception too, many game of chance fans. Just use the gadgets that are scattering nowadays. Online live casino players can play everywhere when their smart mobile phone is connected to the Internet network. In an era as great as it is today. Many online gaming sites have appeared that offer a variety of preparations for gamers.

The Right Step To Win In Playing Online Baccarat Game

Thus there are many forms of online gambling games prepared with this online gambling agent. as many games coincide in the Casino Casino sowing in the direction of the earth. One of them is the Baccarat betting game.
It cannot be denied that this game requires luck. but it must be remembered that many readers of this article if there are also techniques for betting then casino online uang asli players can win this game from online baccarat gambling games.
Next Below, we prepare a review of some of the winning stages in baccarat online casino games.

Look carefully and know the chance when the card is wanted to be good

Before the game of Baccarat, many players played at the gambling table. It is requested that the first player ignore and ignore the traveling cycle of play. pay serious attention to players and bank managers whose cards are always getting higher. after you are absolutely sure, therefore place your bet on the monitor where you feel you will succeed.

Good For Handling The Number Of Bets On The Table And The Initial Capital

This Baccarat game is an online casino game that can supply very fast wins to your players. Therefore, players must also be smart in managing their bets to get big losses and wins through instant techniques. players must be smart in arranging the amount of the bet. If you are not sure about the 1st game cycle, you should not gamble a lot.

Try to Place Bets on One Side

If a player is in a component that is uncertain, make sure where to place the bet. As such it is required to place the bet on the port location. because based on our evaluation we become authors. Gambling at the seller’s location or getting more bank managers has a greater chance of succeeding.
However, you must understand what player wins at this location will be used by the similar price section chart by the service agent site. because of that, it is asked if you are already confused, make sure which group will gamble. Better to gamble on one component. Moreover, if a player falls to his knees on the monitor, the numbers will not be large.

Sketch For Victory

We recommend that many players scribble their wins and failures by taking notes on a piece of paper. that way players can understand after that equalize the amount of wins and failures of the players. It is planned that this stage can make smart players make the key to playing this online baccarat casino game.

Target How Long You Play

Planning the time to play the online casino game Baccarat is also considered essential. if the player who is playing has managed to play. in fact, the victory has duplicated the number of times the player’s initial capital was played. You have to stop playing as soon as possible. because when the player is in the game of residence in slow times. the chance for the player to endure the disease of failure is greater than the beginning.
And next, you must understand that you have to take a useful break to organize the game. many players have to be calm, not hot, plus it is a matter of affection. because if the player’s affection can be determined, the player’s memory can be as bundled and consequently he will not be able to arrange the game. And the impact is really believed to distract the player’s focus and the player can be brought down by gambling. Stop playing for a second if you feel the affection has entered you while you are playing.
It is desirable that many players should pay attention to the cards that are traveling in the baccarat game. the situation is to prevent many players carelessly placing bets on the game table. because in this game it is not only fate that is required.
It is a Step-by-Step Baccarat game from which the player can succeed. however, of course, victory must be sustained by the player’s luck. ^ _ ^
Online Casino Game Guide

Online Casino Game Guide

Poker, Roulette and Blackjack are casino games that everyone understands. but do you understand what casino games are very widely played in the world? Therefore, we at online casino sites have compiled a list of casino games that have been very widely played throughout the era. Do you understand everything?
there are many online casino games available on the internet.

Online Casino Game Guide

The games you can play at land-based casinos can also be played at most online casinos. in fact, online casinos have gone through physical casinos and have taken a large part of the Holland Casino audience, for example. more and more people would prefer to bet from their visitor’s booth than walking into a land-based casino.
Which game is your idol, we will discuss everything here, on this page. From online slots and slots in bars to science games where you have to win racing games against other rivals. Onetime is a casino enthusiast, but it is more than a casino game, and we will naturally test it alone. we attend demonstrations all over the world, game facilitators, and of course we play casino online in the casinos alone. all information can be found on this casino gaming page, by means of fees, repayment section, and much more.

Are there any casino games that pay more than 100%?

Are there any casino games that pay out more than 100% in the long run? and by what are you sure to profit? Unfortunately, this casino game is not available. The casino as a result must make a profit, that is the background of its existence. A casino game by home profits minus will benefit the casino declination.
But there are games that supply you with almost 100% repayment share. and it is useful if with this casino game you greatly increase your chances of winning the stage.

Online Casino Betting Game Agent Reviews

When I first looked at the Online Casino Online Casino Betting Game Agent, it didn’t take me long to observe what I wanted from it. This game was raised by Badneji Games. This is one of the newest games in the famous Agent game mussels. This is very different from the previous head essay in this mussel as this one is not based on gun clashes that travel very quickly similar to previous games.
This game has a more free distinction. This has a diagram that looks interesting as well as an incredible tone. It has two steps to play which are divided into three sessions. there are many different personalities to choose from, even if they are no different from one another.
Side I starts with you playing as a scout. You work on accumulating items to use in the next step. In this step, you can carry out expeditions in different areas or just fight as big as you want.
In the initial step, you are tasked with circling the hamlet accumulating valuable loads that can be used in the next step.
This is afterwards brought back to your base. The essential aim here is to accumulate everything. Each area has a single, miniature superior gun clash to beat.
Side II starts when goals are resolved. as you approached this point, you were sent to guard the focal point of parachuting force. Your goal here is to turn off the horde bosses of competitors and stretch the area back.
Side III consists of a clash of superior weapons that must be fought. This time it’s up to you to show who is a better fighter. This battle is over after one by the most fitness values ​​is defeated.
At the end of the game, you will be given a prize for completing it by free entrusting it to the next game.
If you are not a fan of fast-paced gun clash games, you should always test the Online Casino Online Betting Game Agent. According to me, this game is an exciting game where you can kill time.
Guide To Beat The City At Online Baccarat Casino

Guide To Beat The City At Online Baccarat Casino

Baccarat is one of the very old games that are located on the Casino. Moreover, until this time the popularity of this game is increasingly rising with the existence of several online gambling sites that provide this online baccarat game. not only because of an easy game blueprint, baccarat has a number of quality game type observations from all casino games on the best online casino sites.

Guide To Beat The City At Online Baccarat Casino 

Online Baccarat – Not only that, many online casino enthusiasts are attracted to the game of baccarat because of a very special and interesting type of bet. This game has a type of bet on the bolor point, which means that neither the player nor the boss will know the outcome in the next cycle.
With this type of bet, because it can be expected that your share of the winnings will increase to 80% -90%. That’s the factor why this game is so popular in the regular ranks. some of them have managed to make a profit from this online baccarat game. good if it is a beginner player or an expert category gambling player.
At this opportunity meeting we will introduce you to the highly trusted online casino site that has this baccarat game. that way you can easily find and enjoy this game so that you can taste the victory that you should have. Those are some of the situations that you can encounter when playing slot online terbaik on this highly believed online baccarat (baccarat) casino site.

Seen to be a Quality Gambling Player

True, if you play baccarat online because of that you will look like a gambler of good quality and not from the usual ranks. In fact, this game is a game that is very popular with legendary movie actors like Brad Bicycle and James Bond in the movie Casino Royale. Beyond that, this game must impose a very high instinct and feeling. That will squeeze all the capabilities of your mind in the game. therefore this game is said to be a high category gambling game.
There are many types of games, not only online baccarat. not only can you play baccarat online, you can enjoy other types of casino games on this site. For example, online slot gambling sites are highly trusted, well-known online roulette and online sicbo.
There are not only three situations based on this, in fact there are some of the profits and noise that you will encounter in this online baccarat game.
But for those of you who have a manly soul and feel like you are in trouble. We’re going to help you out by providing some of these tips for playing baccarat online. not just an expert. This trick can be used by a player who is a beginner. just sure by the direction so that you don’t experience failure in playing this online baccarat. Those are some of the tricks in playing baccarat online.

Look first at the bet value on the table

Before you play online baccarat, you must first observe the minimum and ideal betting numbers on the table. This is handled to be similar to the capital you have. because then you can easily control the course of the game without worrying about losing capital. if you are worried about losing capital because it could be your destiny to succeed just like that. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you first pay attention to the symbolic Min and Maks on the table.

See Round History On Online Baccarat

after you enter and enter the table, it is highly recommended that you do not immediately gamble and participate in the game. You should first observe the victory memo history on each cycle located on the table. because this really helps you to make sure the bet and you can read the action of wins and losses that will come in the next round.
If you have achieved many victories, and it has met the target of victory that you set because it is highly recommended to set aside part of your budget by doing budget revocation. This is handled so that you are peeled from the greed that will hurt you again tomorrow. but if your target is not active do not end up chasing it. because what if in the beginning you can succeed. surely in the next cycle you can win it.
That’s all from us, some of the tricks to play baccarat online. Use that trick to your best, so you can get a win that should have you. lest you expect a fate that does not know when it will come. Try with all the power and reason you have, because the more the better.


The process of playing baccarat online gambling at an Asian online casino baccarat game facilitator is quite easy. The first step you can do is jointly register or work on an online baccarat gambling account on a trusted Indonesian gambling website.


This stage is obtained from factoring to be one of your consistent builds on online gambling websites that supply bonuses to you the means for a new account and supply bonus information related to the course of the online baccarat gambling game that is in it. Becoming a new online gambling player, this is of course very important for you to recognize, otherwise you will not be aware of what tips to play baccarat are like, and what kind of steps you have to take the next day if a situation occurs.
The first way to play slot deposit pulsa  online gambling is jointly by registering on this online baccarat gambling website, that is together by the stage you open the baccarat gambling lake, after that you click the register column. Wait a few moments until the agent supplies the registration blank bonus and you can fill it in.
The first column that you will enter is the userid and password fields, this column is useful for recording everything together by the account you will create and the games in it. As a result, you must be correct in filling in it, one of which is to carry out the aggregate between the number and the graph in the password column, after that fill in the userid name that is easy for you to remember and easy for you to remember.
If it’s done, then the next step is to fill in the email fields, telephone numbers and some of the communication means that you have become one of the means of access between you and the online baccarat gambling agent. After that, you can fill in the account column, which includes the account number, name of the account owner, and the name of the bank that you will use the next day in the transaction method, either deposit or withdraw.
If you have gone through all the steps, then you can squeeze ok or im agree to be a sign that you agree and agree together by the conditions of determination established by the agent, as well as talent if the information you input is correct.
If you have completed registration and have a personal account, then next you can click on the stage to play baccarat online gambling. There, listed a lot of descriptions and stages in playing the onlione baccarat gambling. for example, through the description of the cards together by way of pictures and notes.
After that, the guidance relates to the course of the game using a guidance film provided by an agent, and the funds are built-in to the online baccarat gambling game so that you wake up to the situation that is taking place at the betting table.
If the above information is minimal, you should carry out a dialogue and answer questions together by the admin of the online Baccarat gambling agent through the chat facilities provided or via e-mail provided by the agent to all its members. safe to play.

Tips And How To Cheat To Play Roullete Online

Tips and Cheating Ways to Play Roullete Online In online gambling games, many games can be played, from card games like capsa, poker to blackjack or other gambling games like agile ball and slot machines. currently one game that is quite famous and there are many players is a roullete.
Roullete is a game that is played with success and skill, but in fact there are guidelines and techniques of dishonest online roulette that you can do to win the game by easier. Roulette is really a special game and different from most online gambling games, then because of that many online gamblers are testing their success in the game of roulette.
In online gambling games, really all players want to always be successful and get a profit, but it is definitely not easy to succeed and many people nowadays are trying to use exclusive guidelines and dishonest techniques to be able to win online gambling games. Guidelines and tips have often been used by superior roullete gambling players so that they can increase the appearance that they are successful and beat their opponents when playing.
Bandar Casino Sbobet Online – Roullete is really an interesting game, this game is widely played in foreign casinos and now you can play it online on your gadget. by using a good strategy you can win this game, there are many strategies and guides that you can use when playing to be successful.
The first guide to the dishonest technique of playing roullete online is to place a bet on numbers 1 to 12 as well as 13 to 14, placing a bet that is similar on both. then you can succeed if the number comes out in one of them, it looks like you will succeed to be 75%, you will lose only if the number goes from 25 to 36.
Another guide that you can use is to use an exclusive formula to carry out anticipation, this formula is a strategy that has been used frequently by roulleteers so they can see the numbers that will come out.
This technique is definitely accurate and widely used, you can pursue the technique of using this formula so that you can better understand how to anticipate the numbers that will come out on each active cycle.
The dishonest way to play Roulette Online – another guide that you can use is to change the number pairs every three cycles, then change the pair number every three cycles, do it until you get the right rhythm and it can work. Another guide that you can use is by using a round and odd strategy, you can observe what number comes out and you can also place it, if an odd number comes out then you place a bet on an odd number like that also if the round number comes out.
Using the odd round trick in playing this you can increase your looks of success by up to 50%, always do it while the game is active. Those are some of the dishonest guidelines and techniques for playing roullete online that have been widely used by roullete players to be successful, use these guidelines and strategies when playing roullete online and play by your inner mind so you can succeed and get a lot of profit from this online gambling game.
You can also ask for recommendations for recommendations on playing roullete from superior players so you can be more experienced in playing, you definitely want to always be successful in this online gambling game right?
How to Play Blackjack in Online Casino Betting Games

How to Play Blackjack in Online Casino Betting Games

Who until now doesn’t understand what blackjack is? Blackjack games in any component of the country are of course good at casinos or in online gambling games. the technique of playing blackjack online casino games at the Online Casino Betting Game itself is not very difficult and makes this game easily accessible to the population.

How to Play Blackjack in Online Casino Betting Games 

Just like poker, the technique of playing blackjack in the Online Casino Betting Game online also uses rummy cards and it is not confusing when the game of blackjack is also one of the most famous games and very easy to play in a casino or Online Casino Betting Games online.
it must be known if we also get many requests to discuss the techniques of playing blackjack in online online casino betting games. perhaps many readers of this site are captivated by the blackjack method and techniques of playing blackjack in Online Casino Betting Games.
Previously, we have also discussed the technique of playing sicbo online in Online Casino Betting Games to always win and various other casino games, perhaps there are very few if we have not discussed the online gambling games that are very famous on this earth. for that in this article we will discuss the technique of playing blackjack in the Online Casino Betting Game by all the available provisions.
Blackjack is a game that is easy to understand but hard to master. The blackjack game is much more common than other casino games, because in the technique of playing blackjack in the Online Casino Betting Games you don’t have to remember the queue of cards in line. the method that is available is also not very complicated, so that you can easily find out about the blackjack game we make the next story from various blackjack methods that you must recognize.

Blackjack Game Rules In General

The game of blackjack is definitely played by playing cards which are quite special when compared to poker. An important objective in the blackjack game itself is to get a card worth 21. In contrast to other games, in blackjack you only have to compare your cards against the dealer cards.


You have a card with a number that exceeds 21 then you are suspected of being knocked down, even though the card that has a dealer also exceeds 21. And if the card you have for example costs 20 and a dealer card 17 then you are suspected of succeeding. because your card number is closer to number 21 than the dealer card.

Card Value in the Blackjack Game

The key to the technique of playing blackjack in the Online Casino Betting Game that you must recognize next is dividing the card numbers. As we explained earlier, if your card number cannot exceed 21. If you don’t understand the technique of dividing card numbers, it will definitely be difficult to play blackjack. In essence, the numbers on a blackjack card are similar to the numbers on the cards.


So 6 spades cost 6, 8 hearts cost 8 and 10 squiggles cost 10. After that for jack, queen and king cards there are also numbers that are similar to 10. On the other hand, for the aces themselves there are 2 different numbers, 1 or 11. Ace cards can be used as card numbers as numbers 1 or 11, which is attached to the game. so it’s easier please look at the next illustration:
The background why the game of blackjack is often depicted by the ace and also Jack. because the two cards will immediately cost 21 and the player with the card will immediately succeed. if at the start of the game you immediately get blackjack (a mixture of As + 10) then you will get a payoff of 1.5x.
You gamble 600. 000 and get a blackjack card worth 600, 000 x 1, 5 = you win 900, 000.

Techniques for playing Blackjack in Online Casino Betting Games

Blackjack is mostly played by 2 to 7 people at 1 table. every player who plays at the table will fight the dealer, so you don’t have to ignore other players’ card games.
Start a city blackjack game will deal 2 cards to each player playing at the table (including city). Usually one of the player’s cards as well as the city will be open and another card will be closed.
In the blackjack game, the dealer will benefit from playing in the last application as well as the player in the first application. In the blackjack game you will be provided with some alternatives. some of the alternatives that you will find in the technique of playing blackjack in the Online Casino Betting Games are the next:

Hit / Add Card

The hit option means you will add 1 more card. most of this technique is done when the 2 cards that you have are far from number 21. By adding a card, you are sure that you are ambitious to be able to approach or even more so, the number of your card as 21.
In this case, ask you to think carefully before executing a hit because if your card exceeds 21 then you are immediately suspected of being knocked down by the dealer.

Stand / Hold

After that the alternative stand is when you really trust the card and don’t want to add any more cards. If based on the numerical stand of your card it is enough to conquer the dealer card, then please determine the alternative for this stand. by holding a stand, your card will be immediately challenged by the dealer card.

Double Down / Double Bet

The double down option is where you multiply your bet from the amount previously placed. however, after you take this alternative you are required to take another card and cannot take another card in the future.

Split / Split Bet

For the next bet option is a split, where you can sort your cards into 2 different components by their respective stakes. to get an alternative split you must have 2 cards that are similar at the beginning.


Similar cards are 2 by 2, queen by queen, 7 by 7, essentially cards by similar numbers. for example you have 2 cards worth 10 then when you decide to split, the city will release both cards.
After that the dealer will put a new card on the first 10 valuable card and the game will continue as usual. when the first card bet has been settled, then the dealer will give a new card to the second 10 valuable card.

Insurance / Insurance

Furthermore, insurance and insurance options. In each blackjack game each player and dealer will get 2 cards, 1 dealer card will be in an open position.
If the card that is open at the dealer is an ace card then you can buy insurance for one side of the amount of your bet. if it is clear that the second card from the dealer costs 10 (10, Jack, Queen, King) which means blackjack then you will get 2x from the insurance fund.
But if the second card from the city is worth 1 to 9 then your insurance is tight and the game continues as usual.

Surrender / Give up

The last choice that you can sort in the technique of playing blackjack in the Online Casino Betting Games is surrender. Surrender is an alternative that you can take to minimize your losses.
What if the card you had at the beginning had no chance of success, then you should just give up. If you decide to surrender, you will only lose one side of the bet money you place.
However, you can’t always execute surrender, because there are definite things that allow you to run it. For example, if the dealer has cards 9 to Ace and you have cards 5 to 7 or 12 to 16. Not only that, you cannot use this surrender alternative.
So small is the instruction of blackjack playing techniques on the site agren, oh talk almost default it is clear there are some situations that must be followed by the city. when the total number of cards owned by the city is a minimum of 16 then the city must execute a hit. but if the city card is similar by or greater than 17 then the city implement will always determine the stand. should this article mean something to you, may you have read this article to the end.