Poker Hands Ranked: From Best to Worst

Online gaming has a few things to be aware of, but the most important is to have fun. Poker is one of the most popular games both on and offline. The combination of fun entertainment and the challenge of coming up with winning strategies is a strong reason for its success.

Poker Hands Ranked: From Best to Worst

Poker is the generic name for different card games where wagers are made on the specific value of a group of cards. These ‘hands’ are usually sets of five cards, which can be grouped according to different values.

The Fundamentals of Poker

A game of domino qq online is typically based on the hands that each player receives and makes bets on. To be successful at the game, players need to know what hands are the most and least valuable.
This knowledge will help them make the best selections and plays. The following are the various poker hands in order ranked from best to worst.

Royal Flush

A royal flush is considered by many to the best possible hand in poker. It has to include a run of five consecutive cards of the same suit from Ace to 10. The fact that the hand includes all the ‘royal’ cards of King, Queen and Jack gives it the ‘royal’ name.

Straight Flush

A hand offering a straight flush is made up of five cards of the same suit running in consecutive order. It can only be beaten by a royal flush or a straight flush with higher value cards.

Four of a Kind

A four of a kind hand consists of a card in all four suits. The fifth card is ranked on a numerical value.
The higher the value the better, so four Aces in all four suits plus a King would be the best four of a kind hand.

Full House

A full house is essentially the lower ranked three of a kind plus a pair. The hand consists of a card of the same number in three suits and a card of the same value in two suits.
So, three Kings and two 7’s would be a full house. When two players both have a full house, the hand with the higher three of a kind takes the spoils.


A flush is five cards of the same suit in any order. If there is a face-off between two players who both have flushes the hand with the highest valued card wins.


A straight consists of five cards of any suit making a consecutive run. It does not matter which suit appears twice.
Depending on the specific game variant, an Ace can usually be scored low if necessary. So, a run could be made Ace, 2, 3, 4, 5 of different suits.

Three of a Kind

A hand including three cards of the same number in three different suits is known as three of a kind. The hand is completed by the remaining two cards of any type.

Two Pairs

Two sets of two cards of different suits of the same value. For example, an 8 of diamonds and an 8 of clubs, plus a 5 of hearts and a 5 of spades would make the hand.


Two cards of the same value in two different suits. Often a good start point for building a good hand, and occasionally capable of winning a round on its own.

High Card

The lowest ranked poker hand of all. If nothing else is available, a hand will be scored on the highest scoring card.

Tips for How to Play Winning Poker

As well as knowing which poker hands to go for and bet on, successful players can alter their tactics depending on the hand they have.
This ‘edge’ in competition is also assisted by the knowledge of player psychology. The best layers can read their competitors style of play and use that knowledge to inform decisions. Once the player has got a good read of who they are playing, they can alter their own play in one of a few different ways.
For example, if they have a strong hand, they may well play aggressively, making high wagers and being confident in their decisions.
But if they have a weaker hand, they may play more passively to stay in the round and try to win. Alternatively, a weaker hand could lead to an experienced player folding as they aim to not lose money.

Poker Playing Solutions You Can Count On

Learning to play poker, especially in the beginning, may not be easy right away and, for this, you receive hundreds of tips.

Poker Playing Solutions You Can Count On

Roulette is a situs poker139 game that thrills players all over the world. With this article we will explain in detail a very well known method among the most experienced players on how to win at roulette. Of course, in addition to applying the method that we will propose, it is also necessary to have a bit of luck. First, though, there are some basics that are good to know to start betting.

Preliminary information

The roulette is a game of mathematics and the laws of statistics. To win at online roulette you need to bet on certain combinations of numbers and colors. Below you can read some of the best techniques to win at online roulette.
The methods to win at online Roulette are very simple, because they are based on a series of statistical methods deriving from the fact that to control the number that will come out are not physical variables as happens in reality (strength of the croupier in throwing the ball, speed of wheel and so on) but algorithms controlled by a computer. Go through the register options and find the best deals there.

The statistical method

Among the most applied by players around the world there is certainly the statistical method. These are simple steps that can go a long way in helping you turn your side of luck to win at online roulette. There are 5 steps that we will highlight:
  • Spin the Roulette in a vacuum, always if the casino allows it; otherwise you bet 1 euro on red and 1 euro on black, so we will win but we will certainly lose something.
  • If the ball stops on the numbers 0-31-32-34-35 we can start playing; otherwise, don’t follow the next steps, or the “trick” won’t work.
  • Start betting one euro on five quatrains: 1-2-4-5, 7-8-10-11, 13-14-16-17, 19-20-22-23, 25-26-28-29 , and 5 euros on the row from number 3 to number 36. In this way we covered the table by over 90%.
  • Repeat the same bet 4 times: the odds of winning in this way are high, and if the online casino uses the classic algorithms for calculating the random number the odds (which in physical roulette would be against you) of winning will be a your favor: after the fourth time you will have to stop and collect your winnings.
  • Come back the next day, and start again from number 1 to bring your victory home.

A Smart Bluff in Poker: How to Do It

In short handed, the poker strategy favors caution. Depending on the depth of your stack, you will have to adapt your style of play. Faced with an opponent’s stack, you will have to choose the right solution so as not to raise an opponent or exit the poker tournament.

A Smart Bluff in Poker: How to Do It

Before you decide to pay a shorthanded stack judi poker online uang asli, you will need to consider the depth of that stack. Indeed, if you are chip leader, you might be tempted to call a small stack, even with an average hand. Big mistake! You need to keep your chip advantage and avoid overtaking an opponent. So don’t give in to the urge to rush a player out. Paying the stack of another player when you are chip leader should therefore only be done with a premium hand.
  • If the stacks of the remaining players are fairly equal, you will need to take the initiative in the game by regularly raising in position or with good hands. On the other hand, if you are reraised or a player takes the initiative to push all-in pre-flop, it is better not to get involved.
  • In the short stack position, you will be more likely to push all-in than to call an opponent’s all-in. However, if the situation arises, you will again need to make a very narrow hand selection. Even though the chip leader can push all-in to intimidate you, we saw above that he can have a real premium hand.
  • Paying an opponent’s stack shorthanded is therefore a decision that deserves careful consideration. The best way to get into the paid places is very often to skip your turn, unless you have a really big pair.

The Bluffs That You Can Go for

Bluffing is a weapon to use in qq online, but it should certainly not be overused. At the start of the tournament, bluffing is a strategy that could cost you dearly. Indeed, the longer you wait for the end of the tournament and especially a lower number of players, the more effective your bluff will be.
At the start of the tournament, bluffing is a rather risky strategy. Indeed, when the table is in full ring mode and you are in the first blind levels, you do not yet know the style of play of your opponents. You are therefore not immune to finding a better bluffer than you or simply a player who will pay you until the river with an average hand, but still stronger than yours. Take the time to get to know your opponents a little one day before trying to attack them with bluff raises.
The start of a poker tournament is often a period of observation, not conducive to big attacks. However, you should not completely deprive yourself of bluffing. This strategy can allow you to learn a little more about your opponents. In addition, the start of the tournament being often calm, your bluffs are more likely to pass than at a time when the blinds are much higher. You can therefore allow yourself a few bluffs, but never by committing your stack or too large sums and above all, keep in mind that bluffing is a strategy that starts from the start. Don’t venture into rip-offs on the river bluffing. You would then expose yourself to great risks.

Different Types Of Bets Made In Poker

Poker is a popular game and there are many online casinos where people can play it. One such casino is qq pkv where people can play different variants of the poker online game. There are many types of bets that people can place in a poker game.

Different Types Of Bets Made In Poker

These bets depend on the type of variant that judi poker online people are playing. People have to make the strategy to play the game. Along with a strategy, luck is also required. In this article, we will discuss different types of bets that can be placed in a poker game.

Donk Bet

People like to play the aggressive game from the first round and this aggressiveness continues till the end of the game. There are situations in which players raise the bet and such a condition is known as donk bet. Many players think that placing a donk bet is not a good strategy and that is the reason it is used very seldom.

Continuation Bet

A player can raise a bet before the flop round. It is done because he has a strong hand due to which he has raised the bet. When he continues to raise the bet in the flop round also, it is called a continuation bet. This is the most popular and common type of bet that players usually use to place it in any variant of poker. This type of bet is usually placed by experienced players. Inexperienced players should avoid it till the time they become familiar with the rules and strategy of the game. The continuation bet can become the reason for more pressure that can be put on the other players in the game.


One of the most important things that the players have to think about is the size of their bet. This can be easily done by the experienced players whose maths skill is also good. The size of the bet is to be kept according to the size of the pot. There are situations in which the players use more chips and this type of bet is known as overbet. Overbet is the bet that is either equal to or greater than the size of the pot. Players can use overbets when they have to make one or more bluffs in the game.


People place the bet on the pot after making different types of calculations. Many players think that it is better to place a bet whose size is half of the size of the pot. This strategy is considered very good and such type of bet is called underbet. If people place a bet whose size is less than the size of the pot, they will always have the chance to increase the pot while the game is progressing.

Value Bet

There are mainly two reasons that people place a bet in a poker game. One reason is that they want to force the opponents to fold the cards and leave the game. The other reason is that a player may have good cards and he may think that he has the best hand. The second reason is called a value bet.

Wrapping Up

These are different types of bets that people can place in a poker game. These games can be played on online casinos like poker online and these casinos provide the option of placing different types of bets.

Play Poker at PKV Games and Win Real Cash Prizes

With all the online casinos popping on the Internet. It is most likely that you will have trouble finding the right one for you. Finding a perfect and trusted online casino is not easy. There are many things and factors that one should consider. One of which is if the website is licensed and is free to cater and service online gambling.

Play Poker at PKV Games and Win Real Cash Prizes

Moreover, if the site you are playing in is not a fraud. If that is the case, a lot of components are at stake like your personal identity getting exploited. As well as your bank accounts getting manipulated. With all that said, if you are an avid fan or enthusiast of casino games. Make sure you are on the right site that can give you good quality service like PKV Games.

Play poker at PKV and win a ton of price

Since a lot of people or players are already relying on and are a member of this online poker139 website. You can already tell that the site is legit. In fact, there are already cases of winning on the site. One of the games that they offer is Poker. The most common and famous casino game there is to play. Have you ever thought about why? Well, for the most part, it is because it is a really interactive game. You can play with your friends and bet on each other.
Moreover, you can also play with strangers and prove your skill. It is very exciting especially if you are already half of the match. The more players bet and play. The bigger the prize pool gets. Hence, the more chances of you winning a big buck. Poker can be a very complex game if you do not have an idea about it. On the flip side, it could also be very easy for beginners since it is very easy to understand.

Poker improves your strategic skills

The more poker games you play, the better your skills can improve. It’s easy, it becomes part of you once you do that. It allows you to develop strategies and physical exercise. In reality, company developers and investors are urged to play poker. People do this to help improve their strategy skills. If you are just able to commit to the game, it can be very exciting and challenging for you. It makes people come back from time to time. Not only because of the money but because of the enthusiasm it gives people.

Poker can be played online

As mentioned, there are already reliable online casino websites that can surely satisfy your desires to play poker. Just like the PKV Games that you can access here clicking this in that website, you can see a lot of online casinos that you can play and of course rely on. The site is only one of the trustworthy sites out there that can give you great customer service. Especially when it comes to an online casino. Moreover, you can also raise your concerns as it will be catered directly after they have received it. Visit and play poker on their site now and win exciting prizes.

There Are Lots of Dominoqq Agents We Can Select The Right One

If you are more interested in gambling you can log in as well as bet into it anytime. There are many advantages departed to the antagonistic whenever go to play the betting domino99 online game.
The best or important thing is about the game is that people can log in to the website anytime or anywhere. They want to play the game it doesn’t matter if you are playing early morning or midnight.

There Are Lots of Dominoqq Agents We Can Select The Right One

The site will be opened for customers 24 hours a. They can play anytime as well as make wealth on the game for poker139 earning money. If you are once can install the game version on your Smartphone then either you are at home or in the office you can access the game. If you are an individual then you can also store the game on your phone by examining mobile casino gambling.

You can play this game with your friends also

Those players who do not want to play the game separately can also perform it with their friends, family, as well as someone, adored by making private rooms.  If you play the game on the table they can play well adjusted as well as play opposite to each other. These characteristics will develop the interest as well as the fun of the game.
That is why more and more people are wanted to play a domino online gambling game, if you want to play alone rather than enjoying with the team. You can also use the live dealer option given by the online game. You can play with the casino agent as well as get fun or entertainment by playing so many games.

In another word, we say it is the source of income

If you want to enjoy the game which is full of advantages then you can choose the domino99. People can use the variety of bonus offers as well as money on the platform. You can also approach or play with the game alone as well as with your friends to make it more exciting or fun. You can analyze various tricks as well as tips to win the Games.
You have to understand approximately each domino game is very much alike. Thus, you may analyze some of the online tricks as well as tips to use in your game to win a huge amount of money.

Judi Pkv Qq Can Help You In Double Your Money

Today various individuals are giving their hard job to earn lots of money and tend to be money-centric by using various sources. For that, they become involved in various activities, and gambling is one among them. Taking part in gambling is also becoming in need of an hour and various individuals who are trying hard to come with lots of money.

Judi Pkv Qq Can Help You In Double Your Money

Various websites are also supporting these gambling games by offering trusted and dedicated platforms for those who love to take part in these wide varieties of games. Card, slots, domino, and other variety of games are also being offered by different websites and you can pick them anytime according to your interest and needs.

Learn to say no

When getting started with wide-ranging gambling games available across the internet, you can find various websites involved in offering the same. However, these games can offer lots of money, but these might also drag you towards the loss the money when no taking proper care when investing your amount in a large run. You should have patience when making investments, and it should not exceed when not being able to convert them in the right direction. You can also use pokerqqq online to do well in a game, and you should also stop playing a game when you are on the losing side.

No need to make early investments

A gambling game offers a combined approach of money invested with the increased chances to win it ahead. However, your winning is not confirmed every time, but you might also lose your hard-earned money when not taking proper attention in a game you are playing. You should make a steady start that will help you to learn lots of things with the minimized chances of money loss. Some websites might also offer a welcome bonus that will help you save your hard-earned money without even taking any further hazards.

Taking help from a trusted site

Various websites are also available today that offer a list of judi pkv qq and another set of gambling games. You can access the list of these games by picking a trusted site that can offer lots of money-making chances by minimizing the risks. These websites can also offer different benefits that will include a good betting system and a secured way to take part in these games without even facing any further hazards. You can pick these websites with the help of the internet that can help you to learn a lot about the game by increasing your monetary benefits.

Play Bandarq Online And Get Tons Of Benefit

Playing betting games has become simpler these days. There is no compelling reason to visit an external gambling club; you can simply sit in your parlor and start the game. However, how might it be conceivable? Presently wagering and playing betting games should be possible utilizing an online stage. There are various driving and famous betting destinations that permit the player to appreciate an assortment of betting games.

Play Bandarq Online And Get Tons Of Benefit

The internet betting stage offers prime administrations to all. Consistently an ever increasing number of game fans join these locales consistently. The stage offers a few games like poker games, opening games, bandarqq, computer games, and some more. Quite possibly the most energizing games is Bandarqq; it’s anything but a straightforward Indonesian game utilizing dominoes. It’s anything but a game wherein ordinarily 6-8 people can play a game, one of whom goes about as a seller and the other is an investor. This game permits the player to procure an attractive sum for making a triumph in the game.
It is more amusing to play the domino qq online game on the web. It permits the player to appreciate messing around in an agreeable spot in its relaxed tees and lower. It brings more fun when we can make the most of our number one bites and refreshments while playing betting games. Besides, it permits the player to stop the game if there should be an occurrence of any dire work and afterward proceed with it at a similar level where they left it before.

Shots at winning a lot greater

While playing on the web, there are more opportunities to procure a bigger sum since we better focus on each move of the game in our agreeable spot. Like land-based club, there are no interruptions or outside tension on the player, so he can think reasonably prior to settling on any choice. Also, some beginner players who don’t have a clue about the game well may get cognizant now and then as different players may pass judgment on them for each move, however while playing on the web, there is nobody to settle on remarks on your choice.

Give heaps of reward and advancement offers

Web based betting games like Bandarqq offer more opportunities to win extra offers, which you barely find in a land-based club. Reward and promotions are additional compensations to the players, which permit them to build their triumphant. So this is the motivation behind why an ever increasing number of individuals are drawn to the online stage. A few extra offers are allowed to store reward, cashback reward, join reward, and some more.

Get additional administrations

The main advantage is a few online bookies permit additional administrations, which we barely find in a land-based gambling club. The online stage offers live visit rooms and administrator and client administrations. Besides, it is accessible day in and day out so you can even appreciate gaming at odd hours. Bandarqq is the best game, and playing it online can add more excites to your gaming experience. It offers you a few advantages over physical gambling club and permits you to appreciate gaming with no interferences.

Getting Amazing Poker Gambling Experience Online

A lot of gamblers would often want to place their bets on the various online based poker games. Now days, there is an immense range of demands for the poker online gambling because many casino players love playing pokers and at the same time they can able to earn more real money from these pokers. If you are getting into the best online poker rooms, there are several numbers of poker games with the extensive bonus offers to increase your earnings.

Getting Amazing Poker Gambling Experience Online

Whenever the players are searching for the best and reliable judi kartu online room, poker is a right platform for all of them. It is a right platform where everyone can able to find the extensive numbers of popular and the most advanced range of poker games along with the several winning odds and bonuses. In order to get participating in gambling on the traditional pokers and the advanced video poker games at this platform, everyone first needs to complete the registration process.
The registration is completely free of cost and also easy even to the new players. Once you have opened a new poker gambling account at this leading poker room, you will get the 10 % welcome bonus after making the minimum deposit. The most popular range of poker games at this poker gambling agent site will be.

The best online poker room:

Now days, many people start using the Android powered smart phones and tablets for playing a variety of casino games instantly anywhere and at anytime. With this demand for the mobile based casino games, this poker website also provider mobile gambling platform for the android devices. The poker online gamblers from Indonesia should need to download the gambling application of this poker brand on your mobile device and activate your account to play the different poker games from your mobiles.
Once you have experienced playing poker games and getting frequent bonuses from this platform, you will never ever go out of it without playing poker games and getting bonuses. Playing poker online for real cash may end up being even the worst thing that is actually happened for you or both the very best – based on how really you decide to go. Specifically, it is simple to get caught up in a game of internet poker without even realizing it and lose lots of income.
Thus, it is usually recommended to really have a great strategy of controlling the cash you commit and hopefully generate. Playing in the beginning for fun and gradually beginning to spend smaller levels of income is the greatest method of controlling your resources in online casino games. Besides this, you utilize it for everything but online casino games and need to also usually set nearly all your potential profits in another consideration. Using this method, you will discover that it should be respected and the money gained or spent at online casinos is nonetheless real cash.
Activities and new planets have already been permitted through the improvements about the World Wide Web. Several jobs typically performed on land personally are now able to be easily completed online. That is true for online casino games. People do not need to go their local gambling business. All they have to do is merely position their web browser to 1 of fun and the numerous reliable. This could range from the common card game of poker. Several people find its benefits after they have observed internet poker.

Tips For Achieving Winning On A Trusted Poker Agent Site

Tips For Achieving Winning On A Trusted Poker Agent Site – The most important poker games like poker have taken over many sites to get optimal results. The best poker sites will provide the best services and features that can later be used to see if gambling players can get optimal results with a minimum deposit amount.

Tips For Achieving Winning On A Trusted Poker Agent Site

For poker gambling gamblers, players can increase their chances of winning through several strategies and tactics.

Increase Chances of Winning through IDN Poker Agents

The most trusted judi idn poker agent has been used by several people for profit. Gambling games that use this service will generally have a much higher chance of winning. This opportunity is used by players when they want to play the game for a big profit. When gambling players want to start the game well, they must have several strategies or tactics that can make them get a much higher chance of winning. The following are important strategies that need to be implemented so that the victory is even higher:

Monitor Chip Usage

In the poker gambling game the use of chips is a necessary thing because it is related to the game process that will be carried out. Online poker gambling uses cash for betting materials and this cash is used for betting and replaced with chips. Monitor the use of chips that will be used so that the results are more obvious. Chip time is not limited because that players will be too excess when they will start the game. This makes players more alert when using chips.

Dare to Make a Bet

The second step is to dare to make bets. In the poker gambling game the game scheme is separated into stages. Each level requires the player to return to placing the bet money and this is what makes some people choose to withdraw and are afraid to start the game. Poker players must play boldly in deciding because later it will be useful to bully the enemy so that they retreat to the game and the chances of winning are even greater.

Have Clear Goals

The third and important thing is the goal that the player needs to have. This gambling goal is important because it will give gamers a definite direction when playing the game. With clear directions gambling players will find it easier to play the game.

The advantages of the most trusted Idn Poker agent

Playing poker gambling using the most trusted IDN poker agent will provide benefits and has many advantages that can be used to carry out the game process. In gambling games carried out online, gambling players must choose a site that will give them a big advantage. Idn poker has several advantages that will be obtained for profit.
One of the advantages and advantages of this IDN site is the service that is safe and the most trusted. The poker gambling service is complete enough to support the game process carried out by players so that they are more comfortable to start the game and the results will be even greater.

How to Get Rich Playing Poker

How to Get Rich Playing Poker – Did you know that the online gaming business is currently among the fastest growing business categories on the planet? The prevalence of internet gambling is increasing rapidly which the past year has also seen significant growth in Europe and Asia. In China and Malaysia, there are twice as many internet gamers as internet consumers. About 43 percent of Chinese Internet users play online video games, while only 16 percent report they shop online for online poker.

How to Get Rich Playing Poker

Income in the online gambling business went from just $ 800 million to over $ 2 billion in 1999! By 2010, it is projected that the internet gambling business will reach over $ 16 billion in revenue!

There are 3 ways to start an online gaming company:

Until recently, smaller entrepreneurs had no chance of entering the gaming business, due to tremendous capital investment, game license acquisitions, and legal bureaucracy. The net removes every obstacle. You can now own and promote your own online casino, sportsbook and deposit idn poker online room multiplayer gaming company and generate the revenue you have just been dreaming of.

Most Expensive

Design and run all the gambling applications for internet casinos, sportsbooks and multiplayer poker venues that can make you millions of US Dollars. You even need to get a gaming license to perform at your online gambling business company, which demands approval from many parties. However you may have total control of your betting website, as well as complete knowledge of the source code of your betting program. In addition, there are no exemptions that are paid out to gambling program development companies.

This can actually be a much cheaper

More expensive option for starting an online gaming organization and you can also receive all gaming applications and at critical moments. It is also usually the most popular alternative to land-based companies that are licensed together with business people. The usual license fee is around $ 150,000 (this usually includes marketing costs). In most cases, royalties are paid to gaming software providers at a percentage of their monthly “receive” or “decrease” (gross income). Usually these computer game software companies have their payment processing (trading company) now set up to be fully functional.

Most Affordable

Become a Sub-Licensee of Existing Licensee. This can be the cheapest option for starting an internet gambling company. Costs range from $ 5,000 to $ 60,000. Even sub-licensees can be trusted for many advertisements and get a much more compact percentage than full licensees (two), because the royalties paid to licensees are higher.
In order to operate a legal online gaming company, online casino and poker owners turn to the sovereign governments of the countries that allow online gaming and issue licenses for gambling operations. Casinos and poker rooms have been registered since offshore gambling operations and as a result, individual states benefit from significant licensing fees as well as tax generated revenues.

Winning Tips to Improve Your Strategy in Poker Tournament

Poker is perhaps the most popular card game in the world, and if you have ever played the sport, you will know why. Poker is also considered as the most played card games in indian card and casino games. The excellent thing about poker today is that it is easier than ever to find a competitive game at any given time, thanks to several internet poker tournaments.

Winning Tips to Improve Your Strategy in Poker Tournament

If you are thinking about participating in several Internet poker tournaments for the first time, you need to be as prepared as possible. For this reason, we have compiled a list of several poker139 tournament strategy tips that have proven themselves in this informative article. Entering your first tournament might be daunting, but if you remember the poker tournament strategy tips we will record for you, your chances of betting high and possibly winning will increase exponentially.

Play Tight in Early Game

Playing tight early on is the most vital thing you should keep in mind when it comes to winning the poker tournament. Don’t worry if you’re not sure what this jargon means, we’ll go over it today. Many people make the mistake of getting caught early by small blinds, enjoying rather weak hands. If you are not sure if you have a particularly strong hand, you should sit back, play hard, and wait for the other players to move. Whether you are playing a poker tournament at a friend’s house or simply participating in online poker tournaments, you should always try to focus on your fellow players. Take note of how they play during the game.

Aim for the First Place and Bet Wisely

Remember that in the last table, the most favorable payouts are a rather small part of the total prize pool. For this reason, you can take risks because, after all, you want to take first place and secure the top prize, whatever it may be. You can’t expect to win every game, which means you need to give yourself some leeway. Many specialists recommend a deposit of at least 50 cents to avoid being completely ruined. So, if possible, try to be a little more conservative so you don’t throw away all your money/chips.

Keep in Mind to Rarely Draw Hand

Ultimately, it is important to realize that as the league progresses, compared to all the dividers, each participant now has smaller stacks. As a result, smaller drawing hands, such as small pairs, are worth much less. It is because normally any contest will likely be stacked short. If you need to spend some money on drawing hands, you will most likely lose because they are worthless, as well as pots are simply. Those are the three most vital tips on winning a poker tournament that you should keep in mind.

Rebuy Online Poker Tournaments Trusted

We have entered a new age of online poker in recent years: a period in which the skill gap between fish and sharks has been narrowing. The interminable rise in rake has caused marginal winners or break-even players to lose matches. That situation allowed only the top players to remain afloat. Nowadays, there are a lot of online poker tournaments that are organized. To develop an online poker tournament strategy, it is wise to understand different types of tournaments.

Rebuy Online Poker Tournaments Trusted

You can ‘order’ additional chips idn poker online in this form of the tournament until you run out of chips. This is a very exciting tournament where if you lose all your chips within the first two hours, you can continue playing the game.

Elimination Poker Tournaments

The game begins in this form of the tournament by distributing an equal number of chips for each player. Such types of tournaments are often called ‘Freezeouts‘ where if you run out of chips, you are eliminated. You will be playing in several tables so you will win if all the other players will take the chips.

Shootout Poker Tournaments

This type of tournament shares rules close to those of eliminating poker tournaments. The shootout poker tournaments may have only one winner. The elimination or shootout goes on before players are ready for the final table.

Satellite Tournaments

The high-stake satellite tournaments with the big prizes are the most popular. Most players may not be able to join these tournaments because the stake needed to enter them is too high-ranking. So, these satellite tournaments give these players the chance to get in for a smaller stake in these tournaments.
Nowadays, online poker tournaments are highly lucrative and draw professional, recreational, and novice players in droves alike. These tournaments see the participation of players from all over the world who are trying to turn their small investments into substantial amounts.
Even though learning poker is quick, navigating through online poker tournaments isn’t the stuff of kids. A player needs to train himself with hands-on gaming experience, as well as the rules and tactics for online poker tournament success.

Overlay In Online Poker Trusted Gambling

Let’s say you have organized for a birthday party at your home. On the day of the event, only seven of your expected 10 guests show up. You still have three prizes to give, but now, the odds of more people walking out with a gift have greatly increased due to the three absent participants. Although a little vague, such is the concept of overlay tournaments in poker.

Overlay In Online Poker Trusted Gambling

People participate in situs judi poker tournaments from all over the world, and around the clock. If you are a person looking to play a game of poker online, the most important factor you should consider before enrolling for a tournament is going to be the pot value. No player would want to even think of investing their time and money in a game not knowing what they might get in return. This is an important point in understanding how overlay poker tournaments work. Poker rooms announce buy-in rates, predict the number of players that could potentially participate, and then accordingly estimate a pot prize value.

What Exactly is Overlay Poker?

For example, if a game of poker has a guaranteed prize pool of $10,000 and a buy-in of $100. Then, if on the day of the event, 90 people show up. This would generate a contribution of $9,000. The poker room contributes the remaining money for the pot, which in our example is $1,000. This leftover amount put by the host to compensate for the lack of participants and meet the pot prize requirement is called as an overlay in poker. It refers to the gap in the collective buy-ins and the guaranteed pot prize. Overlay poker tournaments are an excellent way for players to maximize their chances at a profit as lesser players always stand for a higher chance of winning more value.

BRM Benefits of Overlay Poker

Overlay tournaments are beneficial for players’ BRM (Bankroll Management) since the amount of investment in comparison to the possibility of winning the pool prize money is significantly lower. These might come at a price for the hosting room, but for the players, it is one of the best possible choices to play from. For those playing MTT (Multi-table Tournaments) there is nothing quite like overlay tournaments because, in a lower field, you’re in for a big prize and a hefty payday.

Best Way to Find Overlay Tournaments

While aiming for multi-tabling with overlay tournaments, the best way to hunt for them is to browse through unpopular websites since they’ll usually not have enough for players as per what they calculate. When playing with sites like Spartan Poker, you’ll have to wait for a little, and set out at the oddest of hours to find yourself some overlay tournaments as, during the peak sessions, you’ll rarely find empty slots.
Traditionally speaking, you are only likely to find overlay tournaments while playing online and not in person. This is because a digital platform offers much more volatility in playing sessions, whereas the ones you’d play physically have a fixed number of people that ensure they join the table. Either way, overlay tournaments are a great find for any poker player, rookie or professional and playing more of those will only benefit your BRM and offer more ways to win the pot.

Pineapple Poker- How To Play Poker

Poker players and their ever so creative minds have led to some of the most fun creations the game has ever seen. The game of poker is unique and yet very versatile, which gives it a lot of scope for experiment. Poker has an end number of variations. Being a game originated in the 16th century, poker has a vast number of game types. Different games are popular in different places, but they all come together and become an available option when playing poker online.

Pineapple Poker- How To Play Poker

Just as the fruit, this game is not the flavour for all. It has its fans, but it also has those who’d prefer other alternatives. Either way, no game of pineapple poker has ever ended without the players thoroughly enjoying themselves, and without a big pot being earned. Despite its popularity amongst casual poker players, you are very unlikely to find this version of poker on any significant league tournament. In fact, it has never even featured in the Poker World Series. Also, though it hasn’t had its time under the sun, that doesn’t stop it from being an enjoyable experience amongst its fanbase.

Pineapple Poker- Its Variants

Just like with any other form of poker, this game also has its own three variations. These are pineapple poker, crazy pineapple poker, and lazy pineapple poker.
A game is similar to Texas Hold’em, the most popular form of poker across the globe. Therefore, if you’re well-versed with the rules, structure, hand rankings, and strategies of Texas Hold ’em, then can dive into this game without much of thought. The significant difference between this game and Texas Hold ’em, is that in this game, players have the mandatory obligation of discarding one playing card at a specific time during the game.
Furthermore, the difference between these variants’ pineapple poker, crazy pineapple poker, and lazy pineapple poker is only about when this playing card (hole card) is discarded. In regular pineapple poker, each player gets rid of the extra hole card during the pre-flop itself, that is, before the betting rounds begin. You do not have to show the card you have withdrawn.
In crazy pineapple poker, the card is eliminated only before the turn round. Lastly, for lazy pineapple poker, the extra hole card is removed at the river, after the betting rounds. A minimum of two to a maximum of 10 players can play any of the three variations. It is played with pot limit, fixed pot limit, or no-limit pot just like Texas Hold ’em.

Why would you discard a hole card?

This concept of having to discard a card during the game can serve as a distraction for players who are not familiar to such an idea. For others, it’s a matter of judgement. You ought to know which card to get rid of, to subject yourself to create the best poker hand possible. There may be situations where the card you remove may or may not make a difference because of the number of cards shuffled, the possibilities of hand rankings, and the number of players at the table. But on most other occasions, you’ll have to calculate and withdraw your excess hole card as you would not want to pull the wrong one.

Strategy & Execution

While playing the pineapple situs judi poker game, your experience and strategies from Omaha will surely help. The primary objective is to find connected hands either by suit or value. It will be beneficial to you if you play with high pairs during the start. That being said, the chances of hitting a set-in this game are relatively higher than Texas Hold ’em, although not too much. This works as a crazy pineapple strategy also because you possess one card in your hand that you will any which ways dispose. But the difference that exclusion may generally create is too minimal to play a major deciding factor in the game. Pineapple poker rules aren’t any different than that of Hold ’em. However, it is recommended not to play too many hands anticipating to hit on the flop.

Starting Hands

When it comes to starting hands in this game, the same rule applies that’s generally followed everywhere else. You have to look for high pairs and connected cards. A pair of aces alongside a suited third card is regarded as the most potent combination a player can own in this game. This is because when aces get cracked, this generally happens by a straight, and a straight has to have either a ten or a five. Therefore, if you have either of these cards, the odds for your opponents to find straights are lowered, especially in crazy pineapple poker where these hands play a role later.
Broadway pairs with a high, non-suited card come after Broadway pocket pairs with a suited card. Apart from that, try to hold onto hands with high cards. An ace, preferably with a high card with the same suit as the ace in your hand should do it for you.

Pineapple Poker Rules & How to Play

Pineapple poker rules are no different from general Texas Hold ’em that most players are used to playing, which makes it easier for all to understand. It is beginner-friendly so poker newbies can have fun playing this jolly poker variation, especially the crazy pineapple poker variation. Since there aren’t any major leagues and tournaments, fans can learn pineapple poker rules and enjoy playing local games with not many stakes. Here’s a glance at how the game is played for all variations, including for crazy pineapple poker.


Every player receives three-hole cards. Betting round begins with the player to the left of the one who posted the Big Blind. Every player will act in a clockwise direction till all of them have bet the same amount or, go all-in or have folded. In the regular version of this game, this is when each player discards one of their playing cards.


In this round, three community cards are placed face up on the table. These cards are called “Flop”. These can be used to make their 5-Card poker hand. The player who makes the Small Blind begins the betting round. If he folds the cards, the betting round starts from the first player to the left of him who does not fold his cards. Once all the bets are equal, and the same amount is put by each player in the pot, the game moves to the Turn round.
For crazy pineapple poker, this is the stage where you’ll have to eliminate a card from your playing hand.


A fourth Community Card is dealt face-up on the table. The third round of betting begins. The action starts with the first player who is closest to the left of the button, provided he is still in the hand.


In this round, the fifth or the last community card is dealt. This is also the final betting round. Action begins with the player remaining in the hand who is closest to the left of the button.
While playing lazy pineapple poker, also known as Tahoe Pineapple, this is where you get rid of one of your cards.


When all bets are equal, it’s time to reveal your cards. Betting round begins with player who last raised or bet in the previous round. If in the previous betting round all the remaining players have checked, the first player to the left from dealer who did not fold is to reveal his cards first.
Other players will show their cards moving in the clockwise direction around the table. If a player notices that his current hand is weaker than the winning hand shown, the options available are to either, show or muck. The best five-card hand takes the pot. It will be a split pot if two players have an identical hand. In this case, each player can claim the pot in which he took part. This applies for all types of variations of this game, including crazy pineapple poker.

A Detailed Guide On ICM Poker Strategy

Have you participated in poker tournaments? While the potential of winning big money increases as you progress ahead in the tournament, you do not win all the money even if you happen to win all the chips – especially when multiple players share the prize pool. This is because the number of chips and their value are not directly correlated. So, what’s in ICM Poker? As a poker player, you need to know the worth of your chips (or chips stack) at any moment in a tournament. It gives you an idea about the prize money you can expect to win with those chips.

A Detailed Guide On ICM Poker Strategy

Just because you might have many chips at a specific stage of the game doesn’t mean that you are doing well. And similarly, if you are having very few chips at a particular stage, then, it won’t necessarily mean that you are not doing well. In either scenario, the value of chips would determine if you are doing well or not!
So, at any stage during the poker deposit pulsa tournament, you cannot measure your profitability in terms of the number of chips, and instead you should consider the monetary profitability of your decisions. For this purpose, you need to know the real value of the chips (stack of chips). This is where the ICM Poker concept comes into play by enabling you to assign monetary value to your chip stack.
ICM stands for Independent Chip Model (ICM) which is one of the most popular methods to ascertain the monetary value for chip stacks in a game of poker. How does ICM Poker do it? By converting the players stacks in chips (for Sit N Go as well as Multi-Table Tournament Poker) into their real money equity, in terms of percentage of the total / remaining prize pool. In other words, it helps to evaluate chip stacks through:
  • estimation of the probability of each player finishing at a specific place, and
  • calculation of their equity in the total / remaining prize pool
Thus, the ICM Poker strategy enables you to determine how much of the prize pool will you get if the tournament ended at that particular moment with a final table pay-out. In a way, the ICM poker strategy helps you to take better decisions with regards to your next move in that game.

ICM in Poker Tournaments

When you play any cash games, the value corresponding to your chip remains constant. It means that a $10 chip will be worth $10. This makes life really easy for you as you are fully aware of the monetary value of your chips at any particular stage of the game. But, the same does not hold true in a tournament, where you do not know the value of the chips stack without making calculations. Hence, to be able to take better decisions to ensure you stand a chance to win, you need to make use of the ICM Poker strategy. So, whats in ICM Poker?
Consider the example of a tournament (for better understanding) – where the value of every chip varies as any player gets eliminated and as payouts rise. Here, it becomes difficult for you to guess the right value corresponding to the chips stack at different stages of the Poker tournament that you are in. Remember, a tournament takes a long time to complete. Be on top of your game to understand your own standing in comparison to other players, so that you know when you have to take it slow and when you can go aggressive.
In a cash game, when you double up, you automatically double your equity as well as stack and money. But, what happens when you double up in a tournament? Does your equity also double up? Not really. Let’s understand this in detail with a simple example. Poker Tournament Example to Understand Correlation between Chips Stack and Equity for ICM
Consider a tournament (Sit N Go) where standard pay-outs are declared at the start – 65% to the winner (1st position), 25% to the second position player, and 10% to the third position player. Rest of the players at positions other than the top three won’t win anything. Each player is provided with 100 tournament chips against the $100 they paid, bringing a total of 1000 chips into play and a sum of $1000 to be paid out to the winners.
Before the commencement of the game, each of the ten players can be considered to have the same EV (Expected Value) of 10% since all of them begin with same number of chips. Imagine if the first player doubles up and the tenth player loses (goes bust). In such a scenario, the first player will now have a total of 200 chips, and the remaining eight players will have 100 chips each. Clearly, the first player holds 20% of the tournament chips that are in play, but has he managed to double his tournament equity from the initial 10%? The answer is ‘NO’. Why?
Please remember that the structure of the prize pool announced at the start was different, with different pay out for the winners (three places up for grabs in this example). So, doubling up the chips won’t exactly double up the EV (Estimated Value).
Instead if there would have been just one possible winner who gets the entire prize money, then, the first player would have a 20% shot at getting the entire 100% of the prize pool, thereby, taking his tournament equity to 20%. But, is that the case? No, because we have three winner positions, with different prize money (percentage) assigned to each. And the maximum any player can win is 65% of the total prize pool, equivalent to 65% of the equity.
For this example, if you use an effective ICM calculator, you will arrive at a tournament equity of 19% for the first player (who doubled up). Clearly, the equity doesn’t exactly double up even when the chips are doubled for the first player.
This example proves why ICM calculator is required to understand the exact equity for a player, in correspondence to the number of chips he has, at a particular moment in the tournament. You can play at Spartan Poker online and make use of ICM calculators to develop an understanding of how to guess the approximate equity for a player against the chips stack he possesses. You have to be wary of how many players are left in the game and about the overall prize pool that you are playing for.
Is this getting too complex for you? Well, ICM is more of a mathematical model, but, once you start learning to adopt the ICM poker strategy to play Poker using it, you would realise it is not so difficult. It is all about getting yourself acquainted to this method and the way it works.

Tips to Play ICM Online Poker

While we have discussed the ICM Poker calculation process in detail, it is not possible for you to make such calculations while you are playing the game at the table.

Tips to Play ICM Online Poker

Instead, you will do well to play situs judi poker deposit pulsa the game in such a manner that is deemed correct by the ICM concept. Related tips are discussed below:
  • You will have better chances in tournaments by calling tighter as compared to in cash games.
  • During the early stages, you can go easy, but the impact of ICM becomes more relevant towards the later stages as players start getting eliminated. The strongest impact of ICM is just prior to the bubble and around the time when money jumps / rises in the Poker tournament.
  • When there are players remaining with fewer chips, you need to avoid narrow All-ins to gain any kind of advantage.
  • The first chip you have is the most valuable and the initial chips you hold are highly valuable as compared to the chips you can win. So, play it accordingly.
  • If the other players on the table tend to play very tightly indicating that they have an understanding of ICM, then, you should play All-Ins frequently and threaten them.
  • In a scenario where you are just a narrow favorite to win the hand, you should stay away from All-Ins or coinflips with a medium sized stack, especially just before or at bubble. Here, you can opt to fold and wait for your next hand.
  • If you are holding large chip stacks, you can use All-ins to threaten other players around you that have medium stacks. The reason is simple – players with medium stacks cannot afford to call too frequently and will call only with few hands.
  • When you realize that many players on the table do not understand ICM or are not playing as per the same concept, you can be instinctive and not always go exactly as per ICM.
  • ICM is a purely mathematical model. When you are in a game, it is entirely up to you alone to determine and make appropriate adjustments to be in a winning position. You may sometimes have to deviate from the ICM Poker strategy in order to win or lose few chips.
ICM is a great method for players to understand their current tournament equity while playing Poker in tournaments (SNG or MTT). It enables you to make positive EV (Estimated Value) decisions and enhance your probability of winning. This Independent Chip Model helps you to assign value to your chip stacks and you can rely on this ICM Poker strategy to win cash during the final stages or bubble phase.
The ICM calculator follows a complex algorithm, but, you can simply follow the basic foundation rules to stay aligned to this model, while playing your favorite poker game. You need to have more exposure to game time using this ICM concept and you can try out a few games online at Spartan Poker by implementing the rules related to ICM Poker strategy while playing with real money. Download the iOS poker app and play the game.

Poker Hands – Which Hands Should You Play

Poker players often talk about their hands, and whether they’re good or losing. When they do this, they’re not talking about their limbs with the five fingers attached. What they are discussing is an important aspect of poker. They’re talking about poker starting hands. In games of poker, especially games like Texas Hold’em, players are dealt with certain cards before the flop. These cards are called starting cards. Usually, all the players at the table are dealt two cards, each, which they must keep secret and not show to their opponents. Think of it like hiding your answers on an important exam.

Poker Hands – Which Hands Should You Play

Now players are often dealt cards that aren’t the best, but they remain hopeful. They often think that they can defeat the other players at the table if they can stick it out, but such dreams are, well, just dreams. Poker is a mathematically sound game, and unfortunately, you have to play the game with the cards you’ve been dealt. No amount of hope can turn a bad card into a winning one. And honestly, this kind of gaming strategy is not very profitable, either. Refusing to accept the reality of the cards does not lead to winning cash. Now all of this foreboding information must have you wary of playing poker games. But you don’t need to sweat it out. We’ve got all the information you need on the best starting poker hands; what they are and the math to back it up.
While determining if the hand you’ve received in good or not, the first question to consider and ask yourself is if the hand you have is capable situs judi poker of playing against the type of hand your opponent is holding. You can make an educated guess about your opponent’s hand by looking at their betting pattern or the possible combinations available and also their physical tells. Doing this simple exercise can save you from a lot of unfortunate losses.
If this move seems like something too advanced for you, then you’re not alone. This kind of thinking is developed after a lot of practice. Meanwhile, you can look at the game more logically and focus on some of the more established facts of the game. In poker games like Texas Hold’em, which is one of the most popular games played, you can look at the number of starting hands available. In such a game there are 169 starting hands, which can be dealt to you. Out of these cards, only some are cards that can be played and those too can be played at different times during the game.
From paired and suited cards, which are cards that are combined due to a similar rank or suit, the following cards can be played in the following ways:
  • In Any Position: A-A, K-K, Q-Q, J-J, T-T, 9-9, 8-8, 7-7, A-K, AQ, A-J, A-T, K-Q, K-J, K-T, Q-J, Q-T, J-T, J-9, T-9.
  • In Mid/Late Position: 6-6, 5-5,A-9, A-8, A-7, A-6, K-9, Q-9, Q-8, J-8, T-8, 9-8
  • In Late Position: 4-4, 3-3, 2-2, A-5, A-4, A-3, A-2, K-8, K-7, K-6, K-5, K-4, K-3, K-2, J-7, T-7, 9-7, 9-6, 8-7, 8-6, 7-6, 7-5, 6-5, 5-4
  • Cannot be Played: Q-7, Q-6, Q-5, Q-4, Q-3, Q-2, J-6, J-5, J-4, J-3, J-2, T-6, T-5, T-4, T-3, T-2, 9-5, 9-4, 9-3, 9-2, 8-5, 8-4,8-3,8-2,7-4,7-3,7-2,6-4,6-3,6-2, 5-3,5-2, 5-2, 4-3, 4-2, 3-2
Similarly, a chart exists for unsuited cards, as well, which is as follows:
  • In Any Position: A-K, A-Q, A-J, A-T, K-Q, K-J
  • In Mid/Late Position: K-T, Q-J, Q-T, J-T
  • In Late Position: A-9, A-8, A-7, K-9, Q-9, J-9, J-8, T-9, T-8, 9-8, 9-7, 8-7
  • Cannot be Played: A-6, A-5, A-4, A-3, A-2, K-8, K-7, K-6, K-6, K-5, K-4, K-3, K-2, Q-8, Q-7, Q-6, Q-5, Q-4, Q-3, Q-2, J-7, J-6, J-5, J-4, J-3, J-3, J-2, T-7, T-6, T-5, T-4, T-3, T-2, 9-6, 9-5, 9-4, 9-3, 9-2, 8-6, 8-5, 8-4, 8-3, 8-2, 7-6, 7-5, 7-4, 7-3, 7-2, 6-5, 6-4, 6-3, 6-2, 5-4, 5-3, 5-2, 4-3, 4-2, 3-2
In the beginning, while you are practicing and learning, it is smarter to stick to the guidelines given above. In doing so, you will fold more games than you’ll play, but in the long run, that is more profitable. It’s smarter to not a play a losing game, than playing such a game and losing the money you bet, as well. This kind of playing will teach you the basics and give you enough time to play games where you can hone some card analyzing skills, without losing games and losing money, too. You can think of this kind of playing like learning to ride a bike with the training wheels still on. It’s smart because it allows you to practice and gain confidence, without harming yourself, too much.
Now that you’re a little familiar with the basics of poker starting hands, it is important to brush up on the concept of equity. Now, I know that the word ‘equity’ sounds like something out of a stockbroker’s manual, or something equally elusive and difficult to understand. But that is not the case.
Equity is a simple concept. It is nothing but the mathematical chance of your cards being better than your opponents. It relates back to the exercise I recommended above, which was rooted in comparing your hand with that of your opponent, in order to see what chance it had of winning. Every hand has allotted to it a certain value or ‘equity’ which determines its chances of winning in a game.
Whenever you play a game of poker, all you are essentially doing is ensuring that the hand you have, is valued a bit higher than those of your opponents. This is the only way to beat them. This means that in a game you’re always looking out for high equity hands, in order to win. What you’re doing is giving yourself a higher percentage to win by considering the starting hand percentage. Starting hands with a higher percentage of winning will have more equity attached to them. It is akin to betting on horses. A person betting on a horse will always consider how many races that horse has won, its speed and other conditions. These conditions help indicate the chances of the horse winning and allow us to determine this chance, in terms of percentages. This can be equated to the horse’s equity.
All this can sound confusing, and you may be wondering if this is another skill you need to practice and learn. It also sounds highly mathematical and intimidating, but I promise it isn’t. If you’ve looked at the chart of cards that can and cannot be played, you’re already halfway there. That chart gives you a direct insight into the equity of certain cards and whether they can be played or if their value is too low.
Besides this, players often develop an innate sense of equity, simply through playing (yes, there is some practice involved, obviously). Players learn to identify certain cards, starting hands and also ascertaining their equity. If while playing a hand such as an unsuited A7, a player tends to get into trouble and loses a game, then he or she learns to attach lower equity to that starting hand. He or she prefers to fold when confronted with it, and this improves his or her game.
Why this happens is simply because of the end goal of the game. Each time a player plays a hand, all they want is to play one that is superior to their opponent. This intention causes them to begin to observe and understand the hand their opponent is playing, as well. This kind of analysis allows a player to decide if his or her own hand is a hand good enough to beat the competition. This kind of sub-conscious thought process actually translates into looking out for cards that have a small mathematical upper hand over the opponents’ hand. The math gets converted into common sense, which then translates as actual moves on the poker table. It’s pretty straightforward, right?
Keeping this strategic move in your mind turns it into a habit. And honestly, such habits are important while playing games like Texas Hold’em poker, which relies on the player to play the game having a vision for the long term, in mind.
In the end, you’ll come to a happy realization, that understanding the strength of your starting cards and learning how to play them, is not rocket science. Honestly, if you can read a chart and identify cards, you’re ready to begin playing. Keeping the concepts of equity in mind and practicing the game enough, will improve your game and turn this kind of calculation into second nature. You’ll know the game, and starting cards, like the back of your hand, pretty soon.

Draw Poker: The Trading Games

Poker is often viewed, by laymen, as this monolith, this giant, complicated game that takes years of study and practice to understand. And while some of this is true, what most people don’t know that poker has a very rich history and has many variants. Variants are basically mutated version of poker, played by tweaking some of the rules of the classic game. One such variant is Draw Poker.

Draw Poker: The Trading Games

While the word ‘poker’ appeared in the early 1800s, the game Draw Poker has been played, using a deck of 52 cards, in the United States of America, since the 1900s. Most people associate the words ‘draw’ and ‘poker’ negatively, but this is not the case. It is true, that in regular poker a draw signifies an incomplete hand but, in this variant, the word ‘draw’ means to draw new cards or to exchange cards.
Just like a tree branch further divides into twigs, this variant of poker also consists of many different games. Essentially, all of these games have one thing in common that make them a part of this variant family; they all allow for the drawing of new cards. If you’re feeling confused, don’t worry. We’ll be going through all these different draw poker games and you’ll be introduced to a whole new world.

Types of Draw Poker Games

As mentioned before, draw agen poker terpercaya is like a box of games, which when opened allows a player to play several other games. You can think of it like one of those video games that has mini games you can play.

Some of these games are as follows:

Five Card Draw

Five Card Draw is often the draw poker game most beginners learn to play. It is one of the oldest and dates back to the American Civil War. The game begins with the players placing an ante, which is an amount that all the players must bet before the round begins. Then players are then dealt five cards, each and the betting begins with the player on the left of the dealer.
However, the special aspect of this game is that the players are then allowed to trade their cards to build their hand, because this is a kind of draw poker. The cards that do not fit in their hands, the players can place face down on the table and they are dealt other cards. The limit on how many cards can be traded depends on the game, but it is usually around four. This trade is followed by another round of betting. A game of Five Card Draw only has two betting rounds, so the game is quite quick.
Following the second betting round, the players enter the stage called showdown, wherein all the players already in the game must reveal their cards and the player with the winning hand walks away with the pot. This draw poker game is usually played by people in their homes as a way to grasp the basics.


Lowball is a kind of draw poker game which is played for the lowest hand. All that means is that the hand that is valued most is the one arranged in an order that proceeds from the lowest rank.
Lowball games can have a betting structure that relies on blinds, like in Texas Hold’em, or on the ante system similar to a Five Card Draw game. While blinds are certain amounts to be raised by two players on the table, ante is a fixed amount to be raised by all the players at the table.
After this, the players are dealt five cards each, placed face down, and the betting round begins, again, with the player seated to the left of the dealer. At this juncture, the players can also trade undesired cards, for new ones in order to improve their hand, which is an element of draw poker.
The betting rounds are followed by a showdown, similar to the one mentioned above. However, there are certain hands which are considered winning hands in different kinds of Lowball.
– Ace to Five Lowball: Hands which includes the cards Ace, Two, Three, Four and Five are considered a winning hand in this version of lowball. In some cases a Jack is used as the lowest card, as well.
– Deuce to Seven Lowball: Hands consisting of cards that include Two, Three, Four, Five and Seven are called winning hands. Ace is counted as a high card in this game.
These kind of games can also be called Straight Draw Poker.
Lowball, can be a fun variant of the conventional Texas Hold’em poker and is a whole set of draw poker games, on its own.


Badugi is a draw poker game which is similar to that of Lowball. The game is played towards the lowest hands, meaning that the usual rankings are inverted.
The betting in Badugi is based on the blinds system similar to most poker games but the major difference between this draw poker game and others, is that each player is dealt only four cards.
This draw poker game also has three rounds of betting, during which players are allowed to trade the cards that hinder their hand and draw cards that help build a winning hand. Badugi also consists of a showdown, during which the player with the best hand wins the game and the pot.
However, what counts as a winning hand in Badugi is what makes this draw poker game so special. A winning hand must be of low ranking cards, but all the cards must be diverse. They must be of different ranks and also of different suits. Pairs of rank and suits are discarded. Badugi is a popular game in Draw Poker and is played in card rooms, as well as online poker games.

Why You Should Play Draw Poker

Draw Poker has been one of the oldest variants of poker and has been played for many decades. Any player who wants to hone their skills or practice certain aspects of poker can benefit from playing these games. Also, these games are often quite short and high stakes, which make a lot of fun to play. The trading element makes building a winning hand more exciting and action packed. If you’ve stuck with us till the end, you are more than ready to play draw poker. Come join us at Spartan Poker and see if you’ve picked up some skills.

Play Stampede Slot Free Online

Stampede is a slot games online released in 2017 by Eyecon. It offers lots of excellent features, including a massive 243 paylines and a 5-reel design. It is a jungle-themed slot with great graphics and a maximum payout of up to 759,500 coins.

Play Stampede Slot Free Online

Following its jungle-themed design, it has a savannah background with symbols featuring various animals such as a lion, cheetah, elephant, rhino, and an African buffalo. The Elephant represents the scatter, while there is a sun symbol that functions as the wild.
To enjoy the various features the game daftar joker123 offers, you can try out the Stampede free play through a demo or bonus spins available on specific casino platforms. This slot has high volatility and an RTP of 95.25%, which is a decent return on your spending.
Players can trigger bonus spins and multipliers when they land three or more Elephant scatter symbols on these slots online reels after a spin.

How to Play Stampede for Free

There are many ways to enjoy slot games online for free. The option you get often judi slot bonus terbesar on the casino platform you decide to use. You can get a no deposit bonus, welcome offers, demo, or bonus spins to enjoy the Stampede free play.
The Stampede demo game allows players to access the Stampede slot for free to try out its gameplay before wagering with real money. With demo games, wins on the slot are not redeemable, and it is only for fun and for you to understand the game better.
There are specific casinos that have welcome offers available to players. Most of these offers are available when you deposit a certain amount on the casino. Depending on the casino, you may gain access to bonus spins on the Stampede slot. This gives you the option to enjoy the Stampede free play and an opportunity to win real money when you meet the wagering requirements.
Other casinos offer no deposit bonuses that give you access to certain games for free. If the no deposit bonus applies to Stampede, then you can enjoy the game for free.

Stampede Bonuses & Bonus spins

Stampede slot is a high volatility game that offers a Free games bonus feature. With this feature, players can enjoy free games along with a multiplier bonus. To trigger this feature, all you need to do is lang three or more Elephant scatter symbols on the reels.

Playing Stampede Free Online

There are many online casinos on the internet, and these casinos offer different demo games or free games. Searching for a casino that offers a Stampede demo or free spin is an excellent way to enjoy the slot for free. Although many casinos allow players to enjoy demo games without registration, you need to register for bonus spins.
To register on most casinos, there is a sign-up button usually available on the home page. Click on this button to trigger the registration and complete it. You will often need to deposit a certain amount to get a welcome offer that includes the bonus spins you desire.
Once you complete the process, you can start playing for free. Start by loading the game and then adjust your bet. Some slots allow players to pick the number of paylines they intend to play with, but this isn’t available on Stampede. However, you can play the game with the auto spin feature that gives you the option to let the game spin 10, 20, 50, or 100 times.
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